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The Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP) is a statewide group of professionals representing a broad range of agencies and organizations concerned.

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2 The Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP) is a statewide group of professionals representing a broad range of agencies and organizations concerned with the prevention of injury. Members work to provide a coordinated statewide effort for injury prevention programming.

3 Mission: To prevent injuries in Ohio using data and collaborative partnerships. Vision: Working together to create a safe and injury free Ohio.

4 Coordinated by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) with funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Advises and assists ODH and ODH’s Violence and Injury Prevention Program (VIPP) with establishing priorities and future program direction.

5 OIPP Membership Membership: No cost to join Complete brief member agreement form Benefits: Networking Injury Data Products Injury Prevention Resources Injury Prevention Advocacy

6 Members of the organization agree that: Injuries are not accidents; they are preventable. Collaboration is effective in addressing injury. Improved statewide coordination of injury prevention efforts is needed in Ohio. Initiatives should be data-driven to identify the populations at highest risk. Policy change is an effective strategy for injury prevention. Alcohol/other drugs are significant risk factors for injury and violence.

7 OIPP Membership Member responsibilities: Actively support the implementation of the state violence and injury prevention plan. Actively initiate and participate in the activities of the Organization. Provide the Organization with representation from their agency or organization. Promote the Organization to injury stakeholders and colleagues as appropriate. Advocate for the Organization, its vision, mission and its goals. Actively participate in meetings and events sponsored by the Organization. Actively participate in Action Groups based on member availability and interest. Contribute resources –technical, human or financial—to the Organization’s efforts.

8 OIPP Goals Assess needs and increase availability and quality of injury data in Ohio. Build infrastructure and sustainability for IP in Ohio. Promote IP as a public health priority in Ohio. Promote evidence-based IP programs and policies throughout Ohio. Increase statewide collaboration around IP in Ohio.

9 Build Capacity and Infrastructure for Injury Prevention Promote Evidence-based Injury Prevention Strategies Promote Injury Prevention Policies Improve Access to and Quality of Injury Data Current OIPP Infrastructure Priorities

10 Current OIPP Injury Priorities Prescription Drug Abuse and Overdose Falls among Older Adults Child Injury – Teen Driving Safety – Child Passenger Safety – Sports-related Traumatic Brain Injury – Bicycle and Wheeled Sports Helmets – Infant Sleep-related Suffocation

11 Ohio Department of Health, Violence and Injury Prevention Program Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership Leadership Team including Funding & Sustain- ability Infrastructure Action Groups Evidence-Based Injury Prevention Action Group Injury Prevention Policy & Advocacy Action Group Data Action Group Priority Injury Action Groups Prescription Drug Abuse Action Group Child Injury Action Group Ohio Older Adult Falls Prevention Coalition

12 Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership Leadership Team Sustainability Workforce Development Infrastructure Action Groups IP Policy and Advocacy AG Data AG Evidence-based IPAG Child Injury Action Group Steering Committee Sub-Committees MVP: Teen Driving MVP: Child Passenger Safety MVP: Bicycle Helmets Sports- related Con- cussion Infant Safe Sleep

13 Accomplishments to date: – Established the Injury Prevention Advocates Program. Advocates receive: o A weekly update including the status of injury prevention legislation and policy news. o Access to tools and resources to communicate injury prevention priorities to policy makers. o Advocacy alerts on critical injury prevention policies. o Invitation to attend the annual OIPP advocacy day. Joining is easy and free! Visit to sign

14 Accomplishments to date: – Developed a website to host policy/advocacy tools – Developed policy briefs on priority injury issues such as sports concussions, teen driving (GDL), bike helmets, naloxone programs for overdose prevention, infant safe sleep, falls among older adults, etc. – Developed policymakers guide to injury prevention; updated in 2013 with new data and personal stories. – Coordinated an OIPP advocacy day at the statehouse in 2012. – Conducted Advocacy Boot Camp training and booster sessions to build advocacy skills – materials available upon request.

15 Accomplishments to date: – Hosted a statewide symposium to raise awareness in July 2009. – Developed statewide recommendations in April 2010. – Provided TA and funding to local communities to address the issue and encourage the establishment and work of coalitions. – Governor Strickland formed the Ohio Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force (OPDATF). PDAAG recommendations served as the basis for its work. Final report released in October 2010. – Produced Burden of Poisoning in Ohio report detailing vital statistics and hospital discharge data on drug-related poisonings.

16 Accomplishments to date: PDAAG members serve on the Professional Education and Treatment work groups of the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team (GCOAT) established by Governor Kasich. Professional Education work group issued the Ohio Emergency and Acute Care Facility Opioid Prescribing Guidelines in May of 2012. Policy recommendations issued: – Requested a joint policy statement from the state Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy boards endorsing the use of Naloxone to those who are at-risk for opioid overdose. Anticipate such statement in May 2013. – Expansion of scope of practice for EMTs and emergency medical responders to be able to administer Naloxone. – Medicaid reimbursement for SBIRT

17 Accomplishments to date: – Developed a statewide child injury prevention plan related to policy, systems and environmental-level changes for priority areas: Teen Driving Safety Child Passenger Safety Sports-related Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Bicycle and Wheeled Sports Helmets Infant Safe Sleep – Began mini grants program during 2013 by offering four mini grants to projects supporting strategic plans

18 Accomplishments to date: Youth Sports-related Traumatic Brain Injury TBI – Supported enactment and implementation of HB 143 (Concussion Law). – Future projects include a review of current return to play policies and recommendations for their use to schools. Infant Safe Sleep -Developing a statewide infant safe sleep education campaign. -Working with partners to determine feasibility and interest in updating Claire’s law to include safe sleep component. -Collaborating with Ohio AAP to provide pediatricians with guidance and tools to address safe sleep during well check visits. -Working with partners to ensure consistent safe sleep messaging across state agencies and the entities they regulate.

19 Bicycle & Wheeled Sports Helmets – Developed a local bicycle helmet ordinance toolkit and provided an accompanying webinar on lessons learned at the community level. – Collaborate with Ohio AAP to support Put a Lid on It bicycle helmet awareness campaign. Teen Driving – Collaborate with the Ohio Teen Safe Driving Coalition to raise awareness and improve policies that address youthful drivers. – Coordinating local teen driving safety forums. – Providing review and recommendations for strengthening Ohio’s GDL. Child Passenger Safety (CPS) -Provide review and recommendations for strengthening Ohio’s CPS policies. -Provide materials to educate law enforcement about Ohio’s CPS law.

20 Accomplishments to date: – Produced a State Plan to Address Falls Among Older Adults. – Conducted regional meetings to implement plan. – Provided mini-grants to support coalition and state plan initiatives. – Support evidence-based fall prevention programs such as Tai Chi and Matter of Balance. – Participate annually in National Falls Prevention Awareness Day. Collaborate with the OAFPC and Ohio Department of Aging to produce and distribute toolkit with falls data and other information. Secure a Governor’s Proclamation to recognize Ohio Falls Prevention Awareness Day from 2010- 2013 with plans for 2014.

21 Accomplishments to date: – Provided training for 37 people in Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance so they can teach this Evidenced Based program to seniors throughout Ohio. – Hosted “Working to Prevent Injury: The Public Health Approach". This one day workshop was presented by Andrea Gielen and Carolyn Cumpsty Fowler from Johns Hopkins University.

22 Accomplishments to date: – Hosted quarterly meetings to promote visibility of existing Data Products, with topics including: Drug Overdose data – Syndromic Surveillance – Central Ohio Poison Control Center Family Violence Project Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring Survey (PRAMS) Risk Factor Surveillance – Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) – Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Ohio Child Fatality Review Report (CFR) Ohio Population Estimates and Projections Ohio Violent Death Reporting System (OH-VDRS) Ohio Trauma Registry Report Ohio Vital Statistics

23 Accomplishments to date: – Developed and distributed a Data Needs Survey for OIPP members Identified key findings and recommendations, including – Importance of Data by OIPP Focus Area – Preferred Formats and Breakdowns for Data Products – Frequency of Use of Data Products – Increasing visibility for Existing Data Products – Need for County-level Data

24 How can I get involved? Contact the Ohio Department of Health Injury Prevention Program at 614-466-2144 or

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