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GOLF DEVELOPMENT Richard Flint 21 st March 2006. OVERVIEW… …What is Golf Development? …England Golf Partnership (Start & Stay) …County Golf Partnerships.

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1 GOLF DEVELOPMENT Richard Flint 21 st March 2006

2 OVERVIEW… …What is Golf Development? …England Golf Partnership (Start & Stay) …County Golf Partnerships …Funding Opportunities …Questions?


4 START Strategic Objective 1 START ‘Giving Golf a Go’ The Opportunity for All to Experience Golf STAY Strategic Objective 2 STAY ‘A Game for Life’ Increasing the Number of Regular Players Strategic Objective 3 SUCCEED ‘Being the Best’ English Success – Winning at all Levels England Golf’s 2020 Vision “To be the Leading Golf Nation in the World” THE VISION…

5 England Golf’s 2020 Vision HEADLINE KPI’s BY 2009… Strategic Objective 1 ‘Giving Golf a Go’ Strategic Objective 2 ‘A Game for Life’ Strategic Objective 3 ‘Being the Best’ KPI 1 Participation To increase the number of individuals playing golf by 5% - from 3.5million (Source: Sports Marketing Surveys, 2003) KPI 3 Club Membership To increase the number of active members of affiliated clubs by 40,000 KPI 6 International Success Men Professional 1 in World Top 10 3 in World Top 50 Top 5 in a Major Top 5 European Tour Women Professional Ladies’ European Tour Event Winner Men Amateur Medalist World Amateur Team Championship Women Amateur Top 5 Espirito British Championship Winners European Individual Winners KPI 7 English Players representing GB& NI/Europe Men Professional 33% of Ryder Cup team Women Professional 2 members in Solheim Cup team Men Amateur 30% of Walker Cup team Women Amateur 50% of Curtis Cup team To have 5,200 qualified paid and volunteer coaches involved in the delivery of coaching in golf KPI 2 Clubs To see 40% of affiliated golf clubs accredited to an official NGB backed club development programme KPI 4 Coaches KPI 5 Volunteers To develop a comprehensive, appropriate and sustainable volunteering strategy by 2006 – for implementation to 2009

6 RESOURCES… …EGU & ELGA Initiatives (6 officers in total) …Golf Foundation, Junior Start (4 officers in total) …PGA support through their coaching structure …Other golfing bodies include – AGCS, Faldo Series, SNAG, NAPGC, BUSA, ESGA, OGRO …Non golfing bodies – Sport England, RSB’s, CSP’s, Local Authorities, YST, Schools, Colleges, Universities

7 START (RECRUITMENT)… …3 main PROGRAMMES under “START” School links School Club links Adapted Golf Equipment (Tri-Golf) Golf Extreme Start Golf Golf Roots Junior Golf Passport Starter Centres Short Course Competition Get into Golf (adults) Free Golf Coaching Adult Golf Passport (Green Card)

8 STAY (RETENTION)… …2 main PROGRAMMES under “STAY” Club support Junior Golf Club Support Club Development Programme (GolfMark) CPD Programme for GC Secretaries Player support Associate Membership Programme Junior AMP Concept Skills Challenge Coaching Programme (juniors) Registered Society Scheme Education & Careers Strategy

9 UNDERPINNING WSP PROGRAMMES… …Facility & Club Strategy …Education & Careers Programme …Research & Development Programme …Child Protection & Equity Implementation Plan …Volunteer Strategy …Agreed Competitive Structure …LTAD Development Programme …School Club Links Programme …Commercial/Marketing Plan [National Development Fund]

10 COUNTY GOLF PARTNERSHIPS… …County Union, Association & PGA …The benefits …The pilot partnerships …Process – audit, consult, plan, resources, implementation …Funding for a county development plan

11 POSSIBLE FUNDING FOR COUNTIES/CLUBS… …PESSCL (School-club links) …Free Golf Coaching Grant Aid …Junior Club Coaching Grant Aid …Phase 1 & 2 – County Golf Partnership …ELGA Subscriptions …ELGA Development Grants …ELGA Trust …Community Club Development Programme (CCDP)

12 PLACES TO PLAY Club Development Plan Player Improvement Club Priorities COUNTY GOLF PARTNERSHIPS Support For Clubs & Schools County Development Plan County Priorities Talent Development ENGLAND GOLF PARTNERSHIP National Direction Whole Sport Plan Playing Opportunities Support For Clubs, Counties & Education Institutions Team England More People Playing GROWING THE GAME Marketing The Game More Clubs Achieving GolfMark More Club Members More Volunteers & More Support For Volunteers More Coaches More Opportunities For Players To Get Better

13 ANY QUESTIONS! Melanie McMahon EGU/ELGA Development Officer T: 01772 751556 M: 07739935773 E:

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