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“You are supposed to be changing the world… not changing diapers!”

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1 “You are supposed to be changing the world… not changing diapers!”
Teenage Pregnancy “You are supposed to be changing the world… not changing diapers!” “At this point in your life, you’re supposed to feel butterflies in your stomach… not a baby kicking”

2 Do Now Why would a teenager want to become pregnant?
Rates of teenage pregnancies have continued to drop in recent years…. What do you think can we attribute this to? Candie's Foundation : Saturday Back Talk Baby - YouTube

3 Why do you think the rates have dropped?
Strong teen pregnancy prevention messages Increased use of contraception before/at first time having sexual intercourse. The use of dual methods of contraception (meaning… condoms and hormonal methods) YES… there is a decrease, BUT the U.S. teen birth rate STILL remains one of the highest among Western countries



6 Answer the following about this past weekend….
What time did you wake up? What time did you go to sleep? What did you eat during the day? Be specific: include fruits, vegetables, and junk food. How much time did you spend with friends? What activities did you participate in? How much time did you spend at each? Were you tired during the day? If so, were you able to nap?

7 How does teen pregnancy affect the male/father
The Facts - Pregnant women must eat a balanced and healthful diet. Pregnant women tire more easily, and often need to take frequent naps during the day. Moderate exercise is an essential part of a healthy pregnancy. Many pregnant women experience morning sickness, or nausea and vomiting, and a diminished appetite. It is crucial for pregnant women to visit their doctor regularly throughout their pregnancy to ensure adequate prenatal care. These doctor visits and tests can be very expensive and time-consuming, and are not always covered by health insurance. Pregnancy can cause a woman to have to limit or avoid certain activities such as participating in certain sports, consuming alcohol or drugs, smoking, lifting heavy objects, etc. How does teen pregnancy affect the male/father in the situation?

8 What are some problems associated with teenage pregnancy?
Health Economic Social

9 Health Problems Low birth weight
Decrease in medical attention and prenatal care Pelvis not large enough for delivery Not ready for physical stress

10 Economic Problems Parents are legally responsible for the care and well being of their children. 50-80% drop out to get a job to support the child. Raising a child is big bucks! In fact, it is about $249,000 (NJ average), close to a quarter of a million dollars, by the time they are old enough to move out of the house! This does not include a college education or buying a vehicle!

11 Teen Pregnancy Consequences
Choices What choices will the teens need to make? Future Outlook for Teen Mothers, Fathers, and Their Families How may their futures be affected?

12 Prevention Abstinence Contraception Knowledge!
It can happen to anyone! It only take ONE time. Be smart about your decisions and respect your body! Candie's Foundation : Consider Your Options - YouTube

13 Teen Pregnancy Interview - Good Morning America - YouTube

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