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Children’s Hospital of Michigan Mission, Vision, and Values.

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1 Children’s Hospital of Michigan Mission, Vision, and Values

2 Mission Statement Children’s Hospital of Michigan will improve the health and well being of all children and their communities by advancing the science and practice of pediatric health care and through advocacy efforts.

3 Vision Statement Children’s Hospital of Michigan will fulfill its mission by being an outstanding provider of child health services within the Detroit area and throughout Michigan and to selected patients around the region, nation and globe.

4 As part of our vision we will establish: a national, regional and statewide child health system, promote a family-centered system of care and prevention, engage in the generation of new knowledge relevant to child health and well-being, educate physicians and other health professionals in the provision of care to children, advocate for programs which will benefit children, families, and communities.

5 Strategic Goals The following strategic goals support the Mission and Vision: 1.Advance the mission of CHM through achieving excellence in our four core functions: Clinical service, research, education and advocacy. 2.Enhance CHM’s plan and visibility in the implementation of a statewide children’s health network. 3.Fully implement Family Centered Care model. 4.Build CHM’s infrastructure to support and facilitate expanded research, education and clinical service initiatives. 5.Provide an effective and rewarding environment that enables CHM medical students, residents, fellows, faculty, private physicians, staff and volunteers to succeed in advancing the CHM mission. 6.Expand and diversify our financial base to enable CHM to achieve our mission and focus on building the pediatric hospital of the future.

6 Though CHM will undoubtedly faces many challenges, some things will remain unchanged. As in the past, CHM’s future strength depends on the dedication of its immediate community members – trustees, faculty, staff and students – and the support of the broader community. Strategic goals continued….

7 Values Accountability Compassion Excellence Innovation Integrity Partnership Respect Unselfishness

8 CHM Department of Volunteer Services—Statement of Purpose To provide caring services to patients and families, which help to make the patients’ hospital stay more pleasant To provide supplementary assistance to the hospital staff in both direct patient care and support services To assist in creating and promoting community interest and understanding about the hospital and health care provided To provide an opportunity for volunteers to give meaningful service, experience skill development, career exploration and personal growth

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