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By: Ms. Sims 3rd Grade. In This Lesson, Students will…  Discuss Ocean Life  Draw pictures of different animals that live at the different ocean levels.

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Presentation on theme: "By: Ms. Sims 3rd Grade. In This Lesson, Students will…  Discuss Ocean Life  Draw pictures of different animals that live at the different ocean levels."— Presentation transcript:

1 By: Ms. Sims 3rd Grade

2 In This Lesson, Students will…  Discuss Ocean Life  Draw pictures of different animals that live at the different ocean levels  Use their imagination to create their own aquarium of ocean animals  Discuss special adaptations of animals that live at each level of the ocean

3 Rationale At this grade level, students like to use bold colors and work with expressive, somewhat real objects and entities. Students are interested in copying what they see and trying to depict what they know The world around them is very interesting, especially the parts that they cannot see up close and personal

4 Materials Needed  Black construction paper  Crayons  Blue paint  Water  Double-sided Tape  Paint Brushes  Saran Wrap  Pictures  Drawing Paper (white)  Black Markers  Pencils Have plain white paper, pencils, and coloring supplies at the students’ spots when they come in the room to save time

5 Instructional Strategies Day 1 Motivation  Ask Students what they know about the ocean?  What kinds of animals live in the ocean?  Ocean Water?  What other things would you see in an ocean? Note: Class discussion time should be used to engage students as well as learn so putting the students’ ideas on a board will be beneficial. 7 MINUTES7 MINUTES

6 Show Students Pictures -that-move-and-flow-underwater/?emc=eta1 -that-move-and-flow-underwater/?emc=eta1 Briefly discuss things they notice such as: Dark/light water change Kinds of animals they saw Other things around the animals such as coral, rocks, or ice Colors of both animals and scenery DRAWING MOMENT??? 3MINUTES3MINUTES

7 Three Layers of the Ocean are:  The Sunlit layer  The Twilight Layer  The Midnight Layer  Instruct students to write on a sheet of paper three columns labeled sunlit layer, twilight layer, and midnight layer and while watching the following video writing down animals that go under each column   Discuss animals that were seen in the video that can be found at each layer 5MINUTES5MINUTES

8 Animals & Their Layers The Sunlit LayerThe Twilight LayerThe Midnight Layer SharksCarbsSquid Sea TurtlesLobsterEels SealsWhalesStarfish Sting raysPufferfishJellyfish Walk around and see what different students had in the different columns before proceeding as an informal assessment to see who was paying attention to the video as well as how they are comprehending the layers so far. 7MINUTES7MINUTES

9 Time to Draw Walk students through 1 or 2 animals as a class Put up picture and have students draw Have students draw from memory Examples: Have students color the animals they draw and hang them on the wall 13MINUTES13MINUTES

10 Closure & Clean up Ask students to bring in photos of their favorite ocean animals for the next day Discuss drawing strategies Draw numbers to have students put back materials Have a student collect animal samples 3MINUTES3MINUTES

11 Instructional Strategies Day 2 Motivation Review what was discussed about layers and the animals that live in them. Perhaps put back up the chart from day 1 Discuss animals & their colors Explain idea of aquarium What specifics you want to include Allow students to share their interests Explain that they will be drawing animals they want in their aquarium & coloring them guidelines for what must be included Brief overview of the next steps 10MINUTES10MINUTES

12 Activity Let’s Do the Demo Allow students to come up to the demo table and watch Things you should have on demo table: Completed example of aquarium Plain drawn piece of paper of aquarium Plain white piece of paper Examples of animals, decoration, and plants that the students can draw 7MINUTES7MINUTES

13 Example of Requirements Your aquarium must include: 1 animal from the sunlit layer 2 animals from the twilight layer 2 animals from the Midnight layer Your animals must be colored On the back you must put which animals belong in which layer You must include 1 non animal object Anchor Boat seashells You must have at least 1 plant 3MINUTES3MINUTES

14 Activity Student Work Time Have students practice drawing animals Have students experiment with making different shades of blue with paint Walk around and assist Ask questions Make suggestions 20MINUTES20MINUTES

15 Closure & Clean up Have students post drawings from today on wall Discuss inspirations for tomorrow Discuss different animals students struggled to draw Take suggestions on animals students liked 3MINUTES3MINUTES

16 Day 3 Motivation Have examples of animals out Let students practice drawing them Have step by step versions of different animals available Answer questions on how to make different animals

17 Activity While the Artists are at Work… Walk around and ask questions Ask students which level they are drawing animals on Ask students what colors they are making the animals and why Be making note of students’ processes to informally assess their comprehension

18 Paint the Aquarium MIX THE BLUE PAINT WITH WATER & PAINT IT BLUE ALL OVER Students could make the blue darker as they get further down the page or make it all one color

19 Assembling the Aquarium After the aquarium paper is FULLY dry: Put 3 pieces of double-sided tape around the edges Tape Saran wrap onto the aquarium page Cut 3 black strips of construction paper Glue them on top of the tape on the sides & bottom ALL DONE


21 Wrap Up Ideas Hang aquariums on wall Have student stalk about their work Have volunteers explain their animals/ layers Use student work to refer back to chart/discussion Have students make a chart on back Give students the take home worksheet & explain the instructions

22 Credits/ References Text book Book with craft in it Please use the sign up sheet to request any info. From this presentation that you would like printed out

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