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Marine Plant Life and Ocean Life Zones

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1 Marine Plant Life and Ocean Life Zones
By Cecilia Dugyon

2 Marine Plant Life What type of Marine plants do you find in Marine plant life? In Marine plant life you’ll find Giant Kelp, Eel grass, Seaweed, Fan Kelp, and other marine plants.

3 Microscopic Phytoplankton
Diatoms Dinoflagellates

4 Phytoplankton Types of Phytoplankton: Diatoms, and Dinoflagellates.

5 Zooplankton Types of Zooplankton: Copepods, Krill, and Jellyfish.

6 Crustaceans Crustaceans are marine life with a hard shell.
Types of Crustaceans: Lobsters, Crabs, Crayfish, and Shrimp.

7 Large Fish Types of large fish: Tuna, Sharks, and Cod.

8 Marine Mammals Types of Marine Mammals: Whales, Seals, and Walruses.

9 Ocean Life Zones In Ocean Life Zones there are three groups of Marine Life: Plankton Nekton Benthos

10 Plankton Diatoms Copepods Jellyfish

11 Nekton Nekton are mostly fish and other animals that can swim fast in search of food or for safety. Types of Nekton animals: Whales Squid Seals

12 Benthos Benthos is mostly plants and animals associated with the ocean bottom. Types of Benthos plants and animals Coral Starfish Lobster

13 Conclusion Study Q: Marine animal life depends on marine plant life because some of the plants of the Marine plant life is food for marine animals. Seaweed and Kelp are examples of marine plants that are edible for marine animals to eat.

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