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Industrial Training Briefing 01: Job Application

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1 Industrial Training Briefing 01: Job Application

2 Content Introduction Important Details of Industrial Training
Internship Attachment Placement Details Job Application Preparation and Process Deadline Registration

3 Introduction Main aims of industrial training:
As part of the requirement for degree program To learn to apply theoretical knowledge onto practical problems and applications To gain working experience

4 Industrial Training Requirements
Requirements to pre-register and register for Industrial Training: Completed 60 credit hours CGPA: >2.0 Not on probation (GPA: > 2.0) If student’s CGPA or GPA < 2.0 after May examinations, student is still allowed to go for internship

5 Special Conditions If student’s CGPA < 2.0 or under probation in May trimester, student is allowed to pre-register with the following conditions: Student must promise to fulfill the requirements at the end of the May trimester, provided it is mathematically possible to do so (Please consult your academic advisor) Inform the company of ‘under probation’ status during interview and application Student MUST withdraw if they fail to fulfill the requirements after the May trimester

6 Information Updating It is the student’s responsibility to keep themselves updated on the information of the industrial training No reasons will be entertained if student fails to take notice of important announcements and penalized 2 main webpages to get updates and announcements: * Facebook – EE Dept *Main

7 Industrial Training Portal
There is a portal to look at the list of possible companies for internship Only students who have met the pre-requisites can enter the portal Search ‘Electronics’ to find relevant companies A list of possible companies can also be found on the EE notice board

8 Placement 1: Self Application with Cover Letter and Resume
Students may apply only TWO companies at once. Students are required to accept the FIRST COMPANY that accepts them and are required to withdraw the application from the other company, providing a reason and thanking them for their time* Students are then required by the company to sign an offer letter, upon which the placement is confirmed and is strictly final *DO NOT give mundane reasons such as ‘higher pay’ or ‘closer to home’, etc. Explain that you have found another company with a job scope closer to your expectations/interest, etc.

9 Placement 2: Department Aided Placement
Students are required to send their resume and cover letter (softcopy) to the Coordinator Any request by students will be considered by the Industrial Training committee Any decision by the committee is strictly FINAL Any placement for industrial training, once confirmed, is strictly FINAL The department will NOT ENTERTAIN any requests for changes

10 Placement 3: MoU Partners
There are 2 companies that are MoU partners of UTAR: Infineon Technologies Sdn Bhd National Instruments Sdn Bhd Interested students can ONLY apply through the Coordinator. Students are NOT ALLOWED to approach the company themselves

11 The procedures are the same as “Placement 2” but students MUST INFORM the Coordinator that they want to apply to the companies stated above Criteria: CPGA > 3.0 Important: Students CANNOT APPLY to any other company until a reply has been received Students CANNOT REJECT the offer

12 Placement 4: Overseas Placement
The procedures are the same as “Placement 1” for any overseas company For overseas University: The University MUST BE an MoU partner of UTAR The procedures are the same as “Placement 3”

13 Job Application: Methods
Methods of application: Submit resume and cover letter to the relevant person in charge of company of choice via snail mail or Filling up online application form at company of choice’s webpage Telephone call to the relevant person in charge of company of choice *For online application and telephone calls, you may need to attach or send the cover letter later on to the person in charge

14 Job Application: Preparations
Students need to prepare their own resume / CV: Formats can be found online or at EE webpage Students may be required to attend interviews: Explore the company webpage to obtain background information regarding the company Prepare some questions that you want to ask the company about Do some basic reading of your year 1 subjects

15 For attachment overseas:
Discuss with your academic advisor and inform the Coordinator Send in your resume (softcopy) Further liasing will be required with Ms Furnny Ong from the Division of Community & International Networking (DCInterNet) Prepare your passport, air tickets and travel documents Students need to request the overseas company to apply for their VISA

16 Job Application: Choosing A Company
It is important that you obtain the following information before choosing your company: Job scope or training plans (via / interview / advertisement) Company background and business area Location Any special requirements *Remember: You are going for industrial training for working experience. DO NOT put salary as the main criteria for choosing a company!!!

17 Job Application: Email Writing
Students need to be polite and formal when writing their s to the company: No short forms Use the right format Proper and formal language No ‘instructing’ comments or sentences Provide your contact for reply s or calls Always say thank you before ending the

18 Job Application: Interview and Call Up
For interviews: Be formal Be punctual Smile and be friendly When in conversation for interview and call up: Be polite, but express yourself confidently and in the right tone and answer the questions properly Be honest with your answers, do not try to lie Always say thank you at the end

19 Job Application: After
Once a company has replied and accepted you for internship: Thank them Ask them if you need to send them any other documents, such as your cover letter / insurance policy Ask them the date and time that you need to visit them to sign the offer letter Request them to fill up the reply slip

20 When the offer letter is ready:
READ through the offer letter carefully BEFORE you sign Send the reply slip / PHOTOCOPY of signed offer letter to the Coordinator Once the letter is signed, the placement is confirmed and is strictly final

21 Once your placement is confirmed:
Start doing more background study of the company Check out the location for potential accommodation and transport arrangement Prepare yourself by restudying some of the subjects relevant to the work done at the company

22 Deadline The deadline to confirm your internship placement is BEFORE 3 August 2014

23 Registration Students are required to PRE-REGISTER for Industrial Training during the course registration week in the May trimester For students who need the May trimester results to fulfill the prerequisites, please fill up the ADD/DROP form and submit to the Coordinator BEFORE your May trimester exam week *There will be a final briefing before the end of May trimester for all students going for internship. Attendance is COMPULSORY.

24 Thank you for your time and attention!
All the best in finding a company for your industrial training placement!

25 Note: Students absent from this briefing will NOT BE ALLOWED to collect the cover letter These students are required to attend a second briefing during the start of the May trimester before collecting the cover letter

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