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DISNEY WORLD The following headings will be discussed: Walt Disney.

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1 DISNEY WORLD The following headings will be discussed: Walt Disney.
Disney’s famous characters. Disney Movies. Disney Channel.


3 Can you imagine a world without Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, & Disney World? The thinker behind the famous characters & business empire was Walt Disney, a cartoon artist Disney gave himself permission to dream big - to create imaginary characters and think up theme parks that were beyond anyone else's. Today, Walt Disney's thinking has huge influence in the world. Mickey Mouse is everywhere. Every child dreams of going to Disneyland. He wasn't the only cartoonist or theme park owner, he simply allowed his thoughts to be huge, & didn't let anyone stand in his way. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois, to his father Elias Disney, & mother Flora Call Disney. Walt was one of 5 children, 4 boys and a girl.

4 Life of Walt Disney Missouri Disney’s residence Army
Disney favorite hobby Was drawing & art Army Failed Red Cross

5 Brother & made successful
Invested 17 million $ To build Disney land Victim of bad business At early days Changing the Nature of amusement parks forever Partnership with his Brother & made successful Business

6 Walt Disney Quotes "When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. And one thing it takes to accomplish something is courage.“ "Disneyland is a work of love. We didn't go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money." "I never called my work an 'art' it’s part of show business, the business of building entertainment.“ "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

7 Famous Disney Characters

8 Mickey & Minnie Mouse Mickey& Minnie Mouse were created in 1928 by Walt Disney & Uh twerks.. Some interesting facts: The original voice of Mickey was Walt Disney. Mickey Mouse’s favourite sayings were “Oh boy!”, “That sure is swell!”, “Gosh!”, “Aw, gee”, and “See ya soon!” A special Academy Award was given to Walt Disney for the creation of Mickey Mouse in

9 Donald Duck Winnie the pooh Goofy Bambi Lion King


11 Disney Movies Disney world is huge & magical whenever we think we know enough about it we still have a lot to discover & when it comes to movies Walt Disney Pictures proved to be the Pioneer in producing outstanding films that we still watch no matter how old they are & I would like to mention some movies that were really enjoyable to watch.




15 Disney's most popular movie
High School Musical Disney's most popular movie Disney’s latest movie that blew everyone’s mind is High School Musical. Starring Zack Efrron & Vanessa Hudgens. It won several trophies & they are: Emmy award for the best choreography , Billboard music award for the best soundtrack of the year & Television Critics Association Award for the outstanding achievement in children’s programming. Fascinating number of viewers that crossed 7.7 million only in the US & in UK 1.2 million viewers watched it during the first week of its release. So if u still didn’t have the chance to watch it I strongly recommend it since its not only acting but it contains beautiful singing scenes by the actors themselves & dancing as well so hurry & find the nearest cinema or DVD shop to watch it ^_*.

16 High School Musical Cast
Ashley Tisdale Corbin Bleu Zack Efron Vanessa Hudgens

17 headquarter in Burbank
Disney Channel Launched : April 18, 1983. Owned by: The walt Disney Company. Headquarters : Burbnk, California. Sister channels : Toon Disney, (to be replaced by Disney XD on Feb 27, 2009) Playhouse disney ABC, ABC Family. Disney channel headquarter in Burbank First Disney channel Logo Current Logo Second Logo

18 Disney’s most popular series:
Disney channel is one of the most watched channels all over the world, it broadcasts the best of Disney's latest works from movies like High School Musical , & series like : Hannah Montana, That’s so Raven, Phil of the future & other great shows, as well as the Disney classics. The rest of Disney channels like Toon Disney & Playhouse Disney are dedicated to small children more than teenagers & it also shows very nice cartoons like Stanley which is really funny & in the same time educational where children can learn new information about animals & environment. Disney’s most popular series:

19 complied by Zainah Abusido
Hope That everyone liked my presentation Great Thanks to teacher Eman for her advice & encouragement ^_^ complied by Zainah Abusido 12-B

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