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Training Session Peace and Conflict Education Al-Quds University Meridian International Center.

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1 Training Session Peace and Conflict Education Al-Quds University Meridian International Center

2 Purpose of training Aid preschool teachers in incorporating age appropriate peace and conflict resolution curricula into their early childhood programs. Aid preschool teachers in implementing new techniques, concepts, and skills within the classroom setting. Aid preschool teachers and administrators in generalizing the peace and conflict resolution into their overall school environment.

3 Teachers Enhance skills and concepts that will allow them to assist children in improving peaceful and social behaviors within the preschool Enrich the curricula, activities, and materials within the classroom. Allow teachers to become leaders within the school environment in instilling new principles of peace and conflict resolution.

4 Who are you? Teachers: (on a piece of paper, write down the answers) – Pick your two favorite colors – Pick your two favorite fruits – Pick your two favorite TV programs – Pick two favorite times/events within the classroom Have teachers group themselves according to their answers while they introduce themselves to each other.

5 Normal Preschool Day Teachers should describe their normal routines within the preschool – Identify similarities and differences – Describe which activities children most enjoy – Discuss benefits of these activities Teachers discuss the existing curricula within the classroom – Identify goals and objectives of the existing curricula – Discuss “what’s missing” or “what is new” that could improve their curricula

6 Module 1 Super Me, Super You: All About Me and Other To instill in children an appreciation of their own self worth (an appreciation of one’s self as valuable and of worth to one’s self and others) – Role of family – Role of school – Role of peers To instill in children an appreciation for the self worth of others – Role of family, school, and peers

7 Module 2 Getting Along in My Neighborhood and Classroom To introduce children to alternatives to conflict (conflict resolution) To initiate peaceful engagement of the children with one another (getting along, accepting others) To explore what happens to the children and others when problems are solved.

8 Module 3 Everyone Counts, Everyone Matters To introduce children to basic ideas of democracy (using age appropriate language and concepts) To strengthen children’s ability to engage in fair play To strengthen children’s ability to appreciate participation in decision making

9 Discussion Distribute the modules Review contents of the modules Identify which activities they are already implementing in the classroom Discuss how, when and where they would carry out the activities Discuss purpose of activities and what kinds of behaviors they are encouraging

10 Introduce the activities How to incorporate the activities into the ongoing ECD curricula Have teachers practice the activities themselves Have teachers describe how they felt while doing the activities How would they introduce the activities into the preschool What kinds of books, music, and materials are needed to implement the activities

11 Self Evaluation How would they assess success of the curricula? – Monitoring children’s behavior – Identifying different behaviors occurring within the classroom (new behaviors); reduction of negative behaviors – Parental reports on improved child behavior patterns – Children’s report on how they feel within the preschool How would they get other teachers and parents involved in achieving objectives of the modules (aiding children in developing skills and concepts for peace and conflict resolution)?

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