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Will you buy the videogame

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1 Will you buy the videogame
Will you buy the videogame? What elements in the review will make you consider buying the videogame (or otherwise)?

2 Short Story Review

3 Short Story Review GOAL
You need to convince the readers if they should read a short story or not. ROLE You are a staff writer cum resident literary critic of the New Yorker. AUDIENCE Your readers are the general public whose main interests are reading and enjoying fiction.

4 Short Story Review SITUATION
You were assigned by the Editor of the New Yorker to create a short story review as part of its next issue. The Editor instructs that the review must integrate the effectiveness of the elements of fiction that were used in the text.

5 Short Story Review Write a short story review that contains the following: 1. a summary of the short story to be reviewed elements of fiction that will be used to evaluate the narrative chosen 3. a comparison between an element in the short story being reviewed and an element in a short story discussed in class 4. a title 5. a rating (5 stars=must read, 1 star=do not read)

6 Short Story Review Your own objective opinion on a short story Combines Literary Analysis with Response

7 Short Story Review Choose 2-3 elements of fiction that will serve as points for analysis How was that element used? How do those elements work together in order to create a single dominant impression on the text?

8 The Elements of Fiction do not work in a vacuum.
They work together to create a single dominant impression.

9 How does the setting affect the tone/plot? (Cask of Amontillado)
What elements do we sacrifice in order for other elements to “shine”? What are the figures of speech and literary techniques used (ex. Irony, flashback, foreshadowing)? Was the use of the elements of fiction/literary techniques used effective? Why or why not?

10 1. Printed out in a short bond paper 2. 1 inch margins on all sides
3. Use any of the following fonts with the corresponding font sizes: Arial, 11 Times New Roman, 12 Georgia, 12 Tahoma, 11 Calibri, 12 4. Double-spaced 5. Minimum of 2 Pages

11 Pass on Oct. 22, 2010 Friday

12 Format of the Review

13 Introduction A sentence or two to establish interest (a startling fact or bit of information, a piece of dialogue from the work, a meaningful quote from another work, a metaphor, or a question) Summary of the short story to be reviewed The author and title of the short story to be reviewed Your thesis (or main argument) The elements of fiction that you chose as points for analysis.

14 Body A topic sentence that supports the thesis
A concrete detail (a specific example from the work used to provide evidence for the topic sentence –a paraphrase or a quote) Commentary (your explanation of the concrete detail – tells the reader what the author means or how the details supports the topic sentence – may include interpretation, insight, or reflection – should be twice as long as the concrete detail section)

15 Body A paragraph (or paragraphs) containing a comparison between the short story you chose and another short story. For the second narrative, choose an element of fiction that you can compare with an element from the short story you chose. What makes the short story you chose comparable to the other short story? Do you think the element in second short story was used effectively? How is used in the story? Which short story had a more effective use of that element?

16 Conclusion This should echo your thesis without repeating the words verbatim. It should answer the question, “So what?” It should do this by: evaluating how successful the author was in achieving his/her goal, giving your rating of the short story and why you gave that rating, giving a personal statement about the short story you chose.

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