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Stephen Tilley Senior Project Manager Extended Access.

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2 Stephen Tilley Senior Project Manager Extended Access

3 Primary care in 2015 » Primary care provides 90% of NHS contacts with only 9% of the budget » Consultations in general practice increased by 75% between 1995 and 2009 » There has been an increased clinical workload in general practice of over 40% since 2008 6 with evidence of; – Increasing disease prevalence and diagnosis – Patients living longer with disease » Increasing patient expectations » Increasing demand for GP appointments » Increasing workforce pressures, such as ageing workforce, insufficient trainees to meet future need and demands on GP time

4 Ten priorities » Complex care including long term conditions and cancer rehab » Medicines management & prescribing » Workforce » Whole System/Right Care – the role of primary care in effective utilisation of the whole system resource » Access, demand and capacity » Promoting prevention and self care » Nursing and residential homes » Mental health » Public engagement and communications » Primary care quality – the Warrington offer

5 Our map to the future - overview (Visual representation of vision – not to scale – there will be 8 Primary Care Homes) Paediatric Acute Response Team(PART) Primary Care Home Delivery Team ‘Primary Care Home’ (Multi disciplinary team including community nursing/mental health/care coordinator/GP for nursing homes etc.) Clusters of Practices work collaboratively; other provider services refocused around the registered list Non bed-based acute services Intermediate Care Facility (bed bases) Hospital Services GP Practice (With Care Coordination)

6 Please note that the Town Centre Neighbourhood boundary is not shown on this map

7 Extended Access CORE PROJECTS EXTENDED HOURS Testing the provision of non urgent Primary Care services between 6p.m. and 8.p.m. Monday to Friday and 8a.m to 8 p.m at weekends within the Warrington Health Economy ADDITIONAL CORE HOUR APPOINTMENTS To provide additional acute non urgent appointments for GP Practices within each Cluster during core hours, on days of highest demand

8 Extended Access EXTENDED HOURS – Key Principals Live November 2014 Based at a central location Monday to Sunday service Access through own GP Practice Non Urgent Service Appointments are all planned Manned by 2 GP’s each session Continuity of care Working well

9 Extended Access BENEFITS Appointments available Appointments at a time that suits the patient Increase appointments available Additional option to service non-urgent patients for GP’s Right Place Right Time Alternative to OOH and Ambulatory A & E Services OUTCOMES /MEASUREMENTS Impact on GP surgeries Customer Satisfaction Consolidated Report

10 Extended Access ADDITIONAL CORE HOUR APPOINTMENTS – Key Principals Non- Urgent Acute Service Accessed through GP Not a Walk in Centre Service based in the Cluster Telephone Triage Service Same Day Appointments Additional Core Hour Appointments Available Monday/Tuesday/Friday Connectivity Nurse Prescribers + GP

11 Extended Access

12 Benefits Additional Core Hour Appointments On days of Highest Demand Same Day Appointments Allows GP’s to focus more on complex cases Triage System Providing/Promoting Self Help Providing a service closer to the patients locality

13 Thank You

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