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1 expect the best Commonwealth IT Investment Portfolio Tool ProSight Overview.

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1 1 expect the best Commonwealth IT Investment Portfolio Tool ProSight Overview

2 2 expect the best Purpose Provide an overview of the new portfolio management tool (PfM), ProSight, a commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) solution for the management of Commonwealth IT investments (ITIM).

3 3 expect the best Portfolio Management Defined Portfolio – A collection of projects and/or programs and other work that are grouped together to facilitate the effective management of that work to meet strategic business objectives. The components of a portfolio can be quantified; that is they can be measured, ranked, and prioritized. Portfolio Management – The centralized management of one or more portfolios, which includes identifying, prioritizing, authorizing, managing, and controlling projects, programs, and other related work, to achieve specific strategic business objectives…. PMI Standard for Portfolio Management 2006

4 4 expect the best Why Serco/ProSight? Serco has 40 years of delivering managed services –41,000 employees –38 countries –800+ contracts ProSight is a demonstrated leader in Investment Management Portfolio solutions Serco/ProSight was the clear and consistent leader during functional/technical evaluation, scoring and demonstration - providing the best overall COTS solution and implementation strategy The ProSight solution provides the least technical risk, operating in the Windows shared environment with high availability and fail over capability Serco/ProSight presented the lowest overall bid, while also providing more flexibility in out-year maintenance costs

5 5 expect the best Public Sector Customers Select, Control, Evaluate (ITIM) Application Rationalization Innovation Management / NPD Project Portfolio Management CPIC BudgetingFISMA Enterprise Investment Management

6 6 expect the best Commercial Sector Customers Innovation Management / NPD Compliance Management Application Rationalization Project Portfolio Management Enterprise Investment Management IT Governance

7 7 expect the best ITIM Information Overview (Current & Future) IT Investment Portfolio (ProSight) ITIM Processes Commonwealth Strategic Planning Process Procurements Services (Future) Assets (Future) Projects

8 8 expect the best What Is IT Investment Portfolio Management?

9 9 expect the best Portfolio Drivers That Define Enterprise Business Strategies Code of Virginia Enterprise Architecture –Establishes the foundation structure for the Enterprise Portfolio –EBA Components Organizational structure Enterprise business model Business strategies and strategic direction “AS IS” enterprise business architecture “TO BE” enterprise business architecture –Defines Who we are Where we are What we do Where we want to go Collaboration Opportunities

10 10 expect the best Portfolio Drivers That Define Enterprise Business Strategies (Continued) Governor’s 5 Initiatives Commonwealth of Virginia Strategic Plan for Information Technology 2007 - 2011 –Published 2006 –Provides IT blueprint Council on Virginia’s Future –DPB Strategic Planning effort –Provides business blueprint VITA’s Transformation Goals –Provides VITA’s blueprint Best Practices –Gartner Group –GAO

11 11 expect the best Portfolio Business Questions, Examples

12 12 expect the best The Relationship Between Portfolio Management (PfM) and Project Management (PM) Top Down Portfolio Mgmt (Doing the right Things) Strategic (PfM) Bottom up Project Mgmt (Doing things Right) Operational (PM) RTIP Report Senior Management Summary Budgets, Capacity, Milestones, Risks, Benefits, Prioritization, Selection, Oversight, Evaluation Models Management Decision Process Delivery of individual projects Organizational Detail Source: Artemis Infrastructure Applications Information Enterprise Business Strategies

13 13 expect the best Savings in executing better price/performance Savings in consolidating and reducing redundancy Savings in Contract Consolidation Example Cost Savings Operational Services 70–80% of IT Spend Legacy Systems, Assets, Maintenance Projects, Contracts etc. Capital Projects 20-30% of IT Spend IT Budget (before) Savings in choosing right projects Savings in executing more effectively Savings in pulling plug quicker on errant projects Additional FUNDS SQUEEZED from Operational Budgets Example Outcomes Better Alignment of entire IT Spend to Goals Vendor Management considerably simpler Bring tremendous value to Agencies, Legislature, Governor New systems deployed faster and better aligned to strategic goals $$ Saved from Ops and Maintenance can be used to fund Highly Strategic new Projects Portfolio Management Objective Source: Artemis

14 14 expect the best IT Investment Portfolio Models

15 15 expect the best Analytical Structure for Portfolio Management

16 16 expect the best Portfolio Analysis Process

17 17 expect the best Contact Information Constance Scott Supervisor, IT Investment Management Office 804-371-5927 or Gary Weaver Project Manager 804-225-2954

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