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CREATING a Marketing Plan For a local restaurant

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1 CREATING a Marketing Plan For a local restaurant
Brent Holst, Matt Poppen, Bethany Tallman

2 Description This project enables students to apply the information learned in Chapter 13: Marketing in Today’s World. The students will use technology and apply advertising concepts, communication and research skills, and integrated software. A variety of resources will be used in order to create a marketing plan for local downtown Lincoln businesses. Word processing, PowerPoint and other forms of multimedia will be used to produce the following: marketing plan, presentation, and marketing promotion.

3 Technology Standards Creativity and Innovation
Communication and Collaboration Research and Information Fluency Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Digital Citizenship Technology Operations and Concepts

4 Materials Needed Computer Lab Internet Introduction to Business Book
Presentation Software Telephone (optional)

5 Useful Websites Marketing Plan Info and Ideas: marketing-audit.html# Bison Witches Dish Yia Yia’s The Green Gateau The Oven Ivanna Cone El Potrero JTK Grateful Greens

6 Procedures/Activities
Introduction: For this project you and your partners are the head of an up and coming marketing and advertising company in Lincoln, Nebraska. The 9 restaurants listed above are interested in your service. They are all local businesses that are looking for help and ideas to expand their customer base. Each group is responsible for choosing one of the restaurants. The goal of the project is to come up with a successful marketing plan to help your chosen restaurant get more exposure. This project is due a week from today—you will have all day in class during that week to devote towards this project.

7 Group Responsibilities
1. Marketing Analyst (Analyze 4 Ps & demographics) 2. Marketing Auditor (Critique logo, consistency, website, social media?, marketing) 3. Idea Creator (Develop ideas for marketing strategy) 4. Marketing Manager/Coordinator (Connect group information, produce marketing example)

8 Directions Pick a restaurant from list above
Research your restaurant: 4 Ps, target market and any other information you feel necessary Develop constructive criticism for current marketing strategy for improvement ideas Generate ideas for marketing strategy Put together information to: Develop and write a marketing plan Create a presentation for the class Produce material for one marketing strategy idea

9 Marketing Plan Components
Title Page - Create a title page using an appropriate format. Include project name, group members names and the date. Introduction – Introduce your restaurant. Give a brief history and information that you feel is relevant to this assignment. Describe the order of what the reader will see in this marketing plan. Your business’s 4 Ps – Give detailed information about your restaurant’s current product, price, promotion, and place. What is the price range for their products? What type of food do they serve? Where are they located? Is it walking distance from the University? What do they do for promotional activities? You may have to call, visit or research your restaurant in order to gather this information.

10 Marketing Plan Components Cont’d
Target Market – Describe your restaurant’s target market. What type of customer do they predominately serve? What is the age range? Is it a restaurant focused on healthy eating? Also explain what market research technique(s) that you would use for your local restaurant if you were conducting in-depth market research. You may have to call, visit or research your restaurant in order to gather this information. Promotional Ideas – Explain what your marketing company would recommend for the restaurant in order to increase sales and reach a larger geographic area. Clarify why you would use those particular marketing strategies. You should include ideas for both marketing documents and advertisements and promotional activities to create awareness. References – Make a list of the resources that were used for your marketing plan.

11 Marketing Item Creation Directions
Pick one of the many marketing/advertising channels (radio script, radio ad, newspaper ad, magazine ad, flyer, commercial, social media schedule) and create an example of one of the marketing strategies that you have chosen for your restaurant.

12 Assessment and Evaluation
See attached project evaluation rubric. See attached group member evaluation.

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