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Prof. Janno Wenceslao Venn Diagram.

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1 Prof. Janno Wenceslao Venn Diagram

2 What is a Venn Diagram? A B B B C
A Venn diagram is the graphical representation of different sets of data by means of a closed curve (normally circles). Individual closed curves (circles) of Venn diagrams represent the individual sets of data. The Intersection and union of the circles represent interrelations between the different sets of data. A B B B C

3 Example #1 deal with the following lists of data: tiger, monkey, elephant, crocodile and peacock. And all the data needs to be classified in two categories (or two sets) as: mammal animal and single body colored animal.

4 lists of data:  the total area of both the sets (the area, where tiger, elephant, monkey and crocodile are placed) is called the union of the sets. The combined area of the sets (the area, where elephant & monkey are placed) is called the intersection of the sets  tiger Classify the list of animal in to two category: mammal animal and single body colored animal Construct a Venn diagram for “Animals” crocodile elephant monkey peacock Animals Step 1 “universe”. Step2 Distribute all the data to suitable area of the diagram Step3 elephant Draw two circle that represents the two sets. draw a rectangle monkey single body colored mammal



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