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2 WORLD EVENTS The American Revolution The French Revolution
The War of 1812 Napoleon conquers most of Europe The rise of the middle class

3 MUSICAL EVENTS Musicians became more independent
Opera continued to become popular The pianoforte replaced the harpsichord

4 Famous Artists of the Classical Period
Famous artists of the time included Jacques Louis-David who painted in a classical style Caspar David Friedrich painted in the romantic style – he was anti-classical Movements in art do not always run chronologically parallel to movements in music

5 Characteristics… “Classical” is a term that can be used to describe both a genre of music and a time period. Music of this period was simple, balanced, and symmetrical. Absolute music – music for music’s sake. Music that sounds academic, not emotional The use of rigid musical forms was popular (e.g. fugue, sonata)

6 Lifestyles of Musicians
A big change in a musician’s life during the Classical period was a movement away from a patronage system to a freelance system Patronage system - musicians were hired by the wealthy to compose music for their “courts”. They often lived with their patrons. Freelance system - musicians composed music on their own and sold it to interested parties.

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