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Making Predictions.

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1 Making Predictions

2 Making Predictions We make predictions based on clues from the story and what we already know. story clues + what you know = prediction Good readers revise their predictions as they read and gather evidence or clues from the text.

3 Making Predictions Good readers…
make predictions about the text before and during reading. check their predictions by summarizing key points from their reading.

4 Making Predictions Make a prediction for the following scenarios.
Use what you know and the clues in the text from the author.

5 What do you think will happen next?
Make a Prediction John wanted to buy some candy at the store, but he forgot his money at home. What do you think will happen next?

6 Make a Prediction Jenny was swinging on the swings when she heard a “SNAP!” What do you think will happen next?

7 What do you think will happen next?
Make a Prediction Henry had been waiting all week to go to the beach. He was all ready to go when his mom said, “I have some bad news.” What do you think will happen next?

8 Make a Prediction Beth was all alone in the basement and it was dark. The only thing she could hear was a small scratching sound. What do you think will happen? What do you think is making the sound?

9 How will Jodi do on the test?
Make a Prediction Jodi was a very good student and always studied hard for tests. She had a big math test coming up and she was worried about it. She'd reviewed all of her notes and had spent hours going over sample problems. How will Jodi do on the test?

10 Make a Prediction What will he do?
Dan has always been pretty independent. He has always been willing to do things for himself. His mom has gone to visit his aunt for the weekend, and Dan and his dad are home alone. Dan has a baseball game tomorrow, but his only uniform is dirty. What will he do?

11 Make a Prediction Mary didn't know how to swim. She just never learned how, and she was embarrassed about it. None of her friends knew, and she avoided situations where anyone might find out. Today she's really bored, and she was wishing she had something to do, when the phone rang. It was her friend Sharon asking her if she wanted to go to the city pool. What do you think Mary will do?

12 Make a Prediction What will Pete do?
Pete likes to go to the movies. He often goes with his friends. On Saturday he was sitting at home with nothing to do, when his friend Jon called. Jon was at the theater and wanted Pete to join him. The movie started in ten minutes, but no one was home to drive Pete. What will Pete do?

13 Make a Prediction Kate was pretty forgetful. Her mother usually had to remind her to do everything 2 or 3 times. When Kate's mom left for work this morning she reminded Kate to close the windows if she went out, because the forecast called for rain. When Kate's friend called and asked her to come over to watch a video, Kate was really excited. Did Kate remember to close the windows?

14 Making Predictions Remember…. Before you read…. While you read…
Predict what you think the story may be about Use pictures and the book title to help you. While you read… Gather evidence in the story about your prediction. Use clues from the story to help revise your prediction. After you read… Summarize key points from your reading. Ask yourself, “Were my predictions correct?” If so, what evidence supports my prediction?

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