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Depression and Teens.

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1 Depression and Teens

2 Depression Continuum BLUES Need assistance 2-3 Days CLINCAL DEPRESSION
Minor life changes…speed bumps Major life changes…pot holes Need assistance 2-3 Days

3 Teens and Depression 1 in 12 teens will be diagnosed with major depression NOT a sign of weakness- medical condition

4 Clinical Depression A combination of symptoms from various categories, must persist for at least two weeks and impact a person’s life in a significant way. Clinical depression can occur in as little as 2 weeks but may take longer for health professionals to diagnose

5 Treatment Medication 2. Therapy 3. Balanced diet 4. Exercise

6 Warnings Signs of Depression
Mood Sadness Loneliness Hopeless and helpless Irritable or aggressive Anger Apathetic

7 Warnings Signs of Depression
Thoughts Negative view of self Guilt Self hate Alone

8 Warnings Signs of Depression
Behavior Low energy Difficulty concentrating Loss of interest Withdrawn Risky Behavior Self-medicate

9 Warnings Signs of Depression
Physical Changes in appetite Changes in sleeping patterns Unexplained headaches, backaches, stomachaches Neglecting personal appearance

10 I think I or a friend of mine is depressed… what do I do?
ACT ON IT! Talk to the person Encourage seeking help because it is TREATABLE Tell a trusted adult Counselor, Nurse, Teacher, Social Worker,

11 a permanent solution to a temporary problem
Suicide is… a permanent solution to a temporary problem

12 Suicide Often a result of untreated depression
Not ALL who are depressed are suicidal!

13 Suicide Warning Signs Talking, drawing or writing about death or suicide Giving away possessions Risk taking behaviors Goodbye conversations Sudden change in mood

14 What do I do with a suicidal person?
Talk openly with friend Support friend but do not promise to keep secrets Tell a trusted adult!

15 Call 911 or a hotline! Tell a trusted adult quickly
If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, call SUICIDE ( ) or TALK ( ). Tell a trusted adult quickly Do not let them be alone

16 Grief DABDA Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance

17 Grief SARAH Shock Anger Resentment Acceptance Hope

18 A Few Key Points A person may not experience all stages
A person may experience all stages but in a different order.

19 To bounce back from a tough situation and move forward with your life.
What is Resiliency??? To bounce back from a tough situation and move forward with your life.

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