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North Carolina Colony By: Andrew Franklin (the adult farmer)

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1 North Carolina Colony By: Andrew Franklin (the adult farmer)

2 Education In the Colonial times education was important In Colonial times schools were not like the schools we have today 1 teacher for each grade 1 fire place and every child had to bring firewood for it.

3 Trades/Farming During the colonial times farmers grew most of there food The animals were good for meat and milk They also grew plants that would give them material for making clothing

4 Communication Farmers didn’t communicate because they were always so busy working on the farm The only time that they did communicate with other people was when they went to town to trade crops or animals If they did need to tell someone something important they would have someone take the message to them because the farmers always had work to do

5 Family Life The families in colonial times were always busy They were always at work making sure every thing was right and that there was food on the table and a roof over there head Once all the chores were finished they would have some fun as a family

6 Daily Life Colonial men had to hunt for food for there family During the farming season they would harvest crops for there family The women had to make clothes and cook the food and take care of the kids while the father was out working or hunting The children also had chores The girls would help there mom with the cooking. The boys would go with there dad and hunt.

7 Climate The climate was a warm during the NC colony It also was a very good climate that was useful to farmers.

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