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Update on CPD April 2012. Objectives What constitutes CPD CEM CPD requirements Useful resources.

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1 Update on CPD April 2012

2 Objectives What constitutes CPD CEM CPD requirements Useful resources

3 What Is CPD? A continuing process, outside formal undergraduate and postgraduate training, that enables individual doctors to maintain and improve standards of medical practice through the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour, CPD should also support specific changes in practice. gaining knowledge improving patient care Or will an improvement in patient care occur? and, if it does, how can it be measured?

4 What Is CPD? “Continuing professional development (CPD) is the process by which individual doctors keep themselves up to date and maintain the highest standard of professional practice The GMC will require documented proof of CPD as an essential component of the information needed for successful appraisal and revalidation Individualised - PDP

5 CPD Themes context and circumstance knowledge human factors/non-technical skills skills and practices (clinical know-how) professional values and identities decision-making realisation and performance approaches to identifying learning needs

6 CPD Experiences

7 Motivation

8 Attitudes Towards CPD

9 Most Valuable Contributors

10 CEM Requirements 50 hours / credits per year, minimum 25 external, mix of activities – min 25 credits clinical Mixture of Attendance certificates at educational courses/meetings e-learning self assessment certificates Attendance at Examinations as an Examiner Programmes of meetings if there are no certificates Copies of proposals written for specific committees within the Trust Protocols written Copies of papers and abstracts presented Copies of the Advanced Life Support course programmes when an instructor showing contribution to the teaching programme Research grants List of papers refereed Programmes of courses on which you have lectured. Self accreditation with documented reflective learning.

11 CPD Activities


13 Limits to Credits Formal presentation of paper /poster 5 credits: maximum 15 / year. Teaching on university course: maximum 25 credits per year. Research degrees: maximum 25 credits/year. Examining higher medical degrees (theses) 3 credits/thesis: maximum 9 credits/year. Editorial activities or refereeing papers 1 credit/hour: maximum 15/year. Examination work 1 credit/hour preparatory work : maximum 15 credits Examining 5 credits/day: maximum 20/year Publications 5 credits/publication: maximum 15 credits/year. Advanced Life Support courses: maximum 10/each type of course. If you instruct on more than one course type: the maximum is 5/course type. Total maximum/year =20 credits/year. Work based training and assessment: maximum 15 credits/year

14 Exclusions 1. Reading – routine reading of journals is essential for keeping up to date; however, it is not verifiable (we expect all doctors to have had approximately 100 hours of reading per year over and above 50 hours per year of CPD which is required). However completing self assessment quizzes at the end of an article will qualify as will specific CPD programme recommended articles. 2. Routine departmental meetings, unless the meeting has a specific educational aim. 3. Writing medico-legal reports and informal clinical teaching in the Emergency Department. 4. History of Medicine courses or private study.

15 Points to Note 5% of all annual CPD returns are audited Part time doctors still need to complete same requirements Year out (degree, research) allocated 50 non- clinical credits Feedback, reflection





20 Resources E-learning – EnlightenMe – – BMJ – Mandatory training Conferences – CEM – RSM – ICEM – EuSEM Journals

21 Questions

22 Summary CPD important for revalidation / relicensing Importance of feedback and reflection Importance of documentation Vary activities and scope

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