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Youth Leadership Presentation

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1 Youth Leadership Presentation
by Ron Clark, DTM Toastmasters Leadership Institute Training To District 25 Toastmasters Club Officers

2 Starting a Youth Leadership Program
Decision is made by your Toastmasters Club Executive Committee. Committee explains this program to all members. Club Presidents select a Youth Leadership coordinator. Coordinator appoints an assistant.  It's important that people develop this ability early in life so that they may meet the challenges of adulthood and leadership successfully. That's why Toastmasters International has developed the Youth Leadership Program. The Youth Leadership Program, sponsored and conducted by Toastmasters International and its local clubs, helps young people develop their communication and leadership skills so that they may become tomorrow's leaders in business, industry and the community.

3 Where can you find participants?
Stay at Home Schoolers Key Club of Kiwanis Interact of Rotary Demolay of the Masons Hi-Y of the YMCA 4-H Clubs Junior Achievement Scout troops

4 Club Benefits Coordinator’s efforts can support completing their Advanced Toastmaster Gold Award. May provides future membership growth for your Club. Gives a Club a chance to expand their communications and leadership skills.

5 What Students Can Learn?
An informal course in the arts of communication and leadership skills. Overcome nervousness when speaking before an audience. Learn how to organize and present ideas logically and convincingly. Listen carefully to others’ ideas. Offer helpful advice and participate in group discussions. Consider using DVD and VCRs for the Toastmasters International Contest.

6 How Long Will This Last? The Youth leadership program is designed to develop speaking and leadership skills for students ages   The workshop runs for 8 weeks and is run similar to a regular Toastmaster Meeting.  Meetings normally lasts 2 hours. The students run the meeting and the coordinator provides training and guidance. After the eight meeting, they will plan a picnic to celebrate their training, give speeches, do table topics, and say thanks for the Toastmasters club. A party will be held after the 8th meeting. Students will develop this, provide a location and help with foods. The Toastmasters Club will receive requests.

7 What is learned - Lesson 1
Explains the Youth Leadership Program. Establishes an atmosphere of friendliness and support among participants. Determines participants’ present speaking abilities. Introduces participants to the principles of chairmanship. Selects leadership positions.

8 What is learned - Lesson 2
Helps participants develop their speaking skills. Familiarizes participants with the purpose and principles of evaluation. One third of participants give their first speech. International Speech Contest videos are shown during this presentation.

9 What is learned - Lesson 3
Allows the second group of participants to develop their speaking skills. Enables participants to develop impromptu speaking skills. Enables participants to learn and practice If you can’t get 1/3 speakers, request speeches from the first group.

10 What is learned - Lesson 4
Allows the third group of participants to develop their speaking skills. Enables participants to further practice chairmanship through a second election of officers. Discussions of speech organization.

11 What is learned - Lesson 5
Allows one-third of participants to present an advanced speech, emphasizing a good organization. Gives students more knowledge of chairmanship. Enables participants to develop their listening skills.

12 What is learned - Lesson 6
Allows the second one-third of participants to present an “advanced” speech, emphasizing good organization and using gestures. Gives participants more practice in leading and participating in meetings.

13 What is learned – Lesson 7
Allows the remaining one-third of participants to present an “advanced” speech, emphasizing good organization and proper voice and vocabulary. Gives participants the opportunity to review their process. Students plan to session 8 to select a final program to conduct their meeting.

14 What is learned – Lesson 8
Allows participants to practice their newly acquired speaking and chairmanship skills. Participants plan a special event for their relatives and community members to showcase their skills.

15 Special Event Students showcase their newly acquired skills to their family, friends, sponsoring Toastmasters Club, and other community members. Event may be held in conjunction with a banquet. Participants chose the program of their choice. The Toastmasters Club will publicize this event and collect pictures.

16 References # 801, Youth Leadership Information Brochure - Explains how to start a Youth Leadership Program, and the benefits to your Club and community. #802, Youth Leadership Coordinator’s Guide - Information for starting Youth Leadership, sources of students, publicity and outline of course projects. #803, Youth Leadership Promotional Packet - Contains ten information pamphlets (801) and sample news releases (808).  #808, Youth Leadership Publicity - Five sample news releases to publicize an upcoming Youth Leadership Program, report its progress, and announce its completion.

17 Final Comments Add this program schedule to our District 25 web site.
Contact Ron Clark, DTM if you have any questions contact me at My handout can be found at Any Questions?

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