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DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÁN Hello, I’m Karmele and I’m going to talk about Donostia.

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1 DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÁN Hello, I’m Karmele and I’m going to talk about Donostia.

2 DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÁN Donostia is a city that is located in the in the Basque Country (north of Spain and south–west France).It is the capital city of Gipuzkoa. Locals call themselves Donostiarrak or Donostiarras both in Basque and Spanish.

3 In Donostia there are three beaches, one is Ondarreta, the second one is La Concha and the third one is La Zurriola. In front of the beach La Concha there is one island called Santa Clara. Ondarreta La Concha and Santa Clara La Zurriola

4 Its prinipal economic activities are the tourism and the commerce.

5 Different areas of Donosti : Parte vieja or old part is the traditional area of the city. There, it is typical to eat “pinchos”. In the old part there is a port. There, there it is one boat called “Ciudad de San Sebastian” in it you can do excursions to the island Santa Clara. Also near the port there is an Acuarium, in it there are lots of types of fish of different species.

6 Some sites Antiguo, this part stands on the west side of the city beyond the Miramar Palace.

7 Some sites Amara zaharra, or old amara, named after the farmhouse amara.

8 Gros, this part is built on the sandy terrain across the river Urumea.

9 Some sites Egia. Egia is a popular district of Donostia on the right side of Urumea river beyond the train station.

10 Some sites Intxaurrondo, is a large district to the east of the city.

11 Some sites Igeldo is a rural district in the municipality of Donostia, located at the top of the mountain wich has the same name. Igeldo is a wide geographical area at the west of the city, between Ondarreta beach and the town Orio. It has a small town, that has got a rural character and a wide area with low population distributed in farms and chalets. Also in this mountain there is an atraction park, it isn’t very big but it’s OK.

12 Some sites Chillida Leku is a museum, it is a big area of gardens and woodlands and a remodelled farmhouse, where the sculptor Eduardo Chillida Juantegui has a large part of his work. Outside in the gardens there are 40 sculptures of different sizes in expotition and inside the farmhouse there are the most art peaces.

13 Some sites Donostia also has got a football team called Real Sociedad, who have recently been demoted to the La Liga Second Division after 40 years in the Spanish top series. They, before, played in the stadium Atotxa but now they play in the new stadium Anoeta.

14 The San Sebastián international film festival. The San Sebastián international film festival is an annual festival. Held in the Spanish city of San Sebastián. It was founded in 1953. Allthoudh the festival was originally intented to honour Spanish language films, films of other languages became eligible for consideration in the late 1950s.

15 I also prepare the excursion whe you come to our town and we are going to go to Donostia. At 9:50 o’clock we are going to go to Donostia by bus. The bus will cost 3,75€ one way. Then we are going to go to Chillida Leku with a guide and after to the acuarium. At 13:00 o’clock more or less we are going to have lunch in the Parte Vieja eating pintxos. After having lunch we are going to go to Igeldo. When we come back to the centre of the city we are going to go shopping. Finally we are going to do something special, I think that we have to decide together.

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