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Introduction to business plans for SMEs

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1 Introduction to business plans for SMEs
Maggie Weaver Shaftesbury Associates

2 The SME Business Plan What’s it for What’s in it How do we contribute
How do we benefit

3 What’s a Business Plan for?
“Selling” tool for getting financing First payoff: encourages realism Determine product or market niche Long-term payoff: management tool

4 Business plan websites
Descriptive Table of contents Template Interactive (online) Software Sample plans

5 What’s in an SME business plan?
Business overview Products/services Industry overview Marketing strategy Management & staffing Regulatory issues Risks Implementation plan Financial plan Executive summary

6 Interactive Business Planner

7 Interactive Business Planner

8 Section 1 – Business Overview
Business history Vision & mission statement Objectives Ownership Location & facilities Section 2 – Products/services Products/services description Key features Production process Future products/services Comparative advantages in production

9 Business Overview – ownership

10 Section 3 – Industry overview
Research sources Size of industry Key product segments Key market segments Purchase process & buying criteria Description of industry participants Key industry trends Industry outlook

11 Industry overview – getting lucky ISA Reports

12 Industry overview – getting lucky InfoExport

13 Section 4 – Marketing strategy
Target markets Key competitors Analysis of competitive position Pricing strategy Promotion strategy Distribution strategy

14 Section 5 – Management & staffing
Organizational structure Management team Staffing Labour market issues Section 6 – Regulatory issues Intellectual property issues Other regulatory issues

15 Staffing – labour market issues

16 Regulatory issues – example

17 Section 7 – Risks Section 8 – Implementation plan Market risks
Other risks Section 8 – Implementation plan

18 Section 9 – Financial plan
Balance sheet Pro-forma income statement Monthly cash flow statement 3-year cash flow forecast Section 10 – Executive summary

19 How do we contribute? Information resources Examples Educate/promote

20 How do we benefit? Understand a client group
Knowledge of the local business environment Contribute to economic growth Template to build our own business cases

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