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Welcome to the Writing Center Anne (Torkelson) Shiell Writing Consultant Walden University.

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1 Welcome to the Writing Center Anne (Torkelson) Shiell Writing Consultant Walden University

2 Housekeeping Type your questions in the questions box  Download the PowerPoint slides (at any point) and view the recording (later):

3 Agenda Writing Center’s role in your writing Writing support: Residencies & courses Writing Center’s services & resources – Website resources – Grammarly – Turnitin – Paper reviews Staying in touch with the Writing Center – Email – Social media 3

4 Writing Center Tutors & Editors 4

5 Poll How familiar are you with the Writing Center and its services? 5

6 Writing Center mission 6 The Walden University Writing Center is dedicated to helping students become better writers. Recognizing the importance of the written word in effecting social change, we work to provide scholar-practitioners with the tools to transform themselves and society by becoming more effective communicators. We contribute to Walden’s thriving academic community by working one on one with students online and at the university’s academic residencies. We offer Walden students advice on organization, grammar, format, and APA style, and we answer students’ questions concerning the writing process and its outcomes so that they can best contribute to ongoing scholarly dialogues within each of the university’s schools and the broader academic community.

7 Writing Center and you Our mission is to help you Develop your writing skills – Critical reading; critical thinking; synthesizing sources Communicate effectively – Organizing ideas; using evidence; applying APA style Generate positive social change – Putting ideas into words & words into action 7

8 Writing support: University partnerships Residencies – Writing Center’s role: Presentations & advising Academic Skills Center – Math, science, & statistics tutoring Math, science, & statistics tutoring – Support courses Support courses Assignment strategies Exams Reading Writing APA Style Academic integrity 8

9 Poll For all students (any program, any field, any GPA) Poll: Have you used a resource on the Writing Center’s website? 9

10 Writing Center overview Writing Center website ( Writing Center website ( Getting Started APA writing templates Webinars 10

11 Poll Have you participated other Writing Center webinars? webinars 11

12 Writing Center overview For all students (any program, any field, any GPA) Writing resources Grammarly Turnitin Paper reviews 12

13 Grammarly 13 Provides instruction rather than “fixing” paper Requires critical thinking by the student Supplements rather than replaces the live tutors Tutorial

14 Turnitin (TII) Tag line: “Prevent Plagiarism. Engage Students.” Generates “Originality Report” 14

15 Turnitin (TII): Example report 15

16 Turnitin (TII) Academic Integrity & Turnitin While instructor’s TII accounts may submit your paper to larger TII database, the writing center’s TII drop boxes do not 16

17 Poll Have you had a paper review? 17

18 Paper reviews: How they work 18

19 Paper reviews: How they work Make an appointment Upload your paper by 5 a.m. EST the day of your appointment Tutor will return your paper to you by email within 2 business days of your appointment – e.g., if your appointment is on Wednesday, you can expect to receive feedback on Wednesday or Thursday 19 © Jupiter Images

20 Making an appointment: First step Log into myWalden portal and click “Schedule an Appointment” from the Academics tab 20

21 Making an appointment 21 Video: Tutoring tab on http://writingcenter.waldenu.edu

22 Paper reviews: What to expect 22 A typical review, with tutor feedback displayed in the text and in bubble comments.

23 Paper reviews: Things to note You must have an appointment to have a paper reviewed Tutors review discussion posts, course papers, KAMs, capstone proposals (chapters/sections 1-3) Tutors are limited to one draft per appointment You can make an appointment at any stage in your draft process (exception: capstones are limited to proposal chapters/sections) 23

24 Paper reviews: Things to note 24

25 Paper review policies No Shows Papers submitted by 5:00 a.m. EST day of your appointment Plagiarism Tutors v. Editors for Hire Our job is to teach 25 For full policies, visit

26 Paper reviews and Form & Style Tutors Paper reviews Editors Form & Style

27 Email us! 27 Tutors: Editors:

28 Poll Have you followed the Writing Center by reading its blog, Twitter feed, or Facebook page? 28

29 Writing Center: Join the conversation Facebook Twitter (@WUWritingCenter) Blog 29

30 Meet the TutorsTutors Meet the EditorsEditors 30

31 Questions Now: Use the Q&A box on your screen After the webinar: Email the tutors at

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