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ICT & Nursing: Challenges for Nursing Practice Anya Zubic.

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1 ICT & Nursing: Challenges for Nursing Practice Anya Zubic

2 Nursing Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations. Nurses are, after Army, in the World’s largest professional group, more than 15 million nurses. Nurses are the largest single group of healthcare providers in the World.

3 The evolution of Health Care and Nursing Nursing has evolved dramatically in recent years. Many of the changes has been driven by advances in information and communications technology (ICT). The electronic tools now at nurses’ disposal are radicaly improving their ability to efficiently and accurately asses and treat their patients. ICT is no longer an add-on to traditional methods of health care, but rather an integrated, integral part of practice.

4 Challenges for Nursing Practice Globalization Mobility of Nurses & Patients Ensuring Quality of Nursing Care Development and ongoing use of ICT skills Improving nurses’ competencies Improving cross-border information sharing on nursing practice between countries.

5 Consumer - centered nursing with ICT: A futuristic viewpoint Patient = Consumer = Client ICT could enable Consumer – centered nursing Development of unique Competency Framework for all Nurses in the World Co-operation with all professional Nursing organizations Nursing Regulators Nursing Unions Nursing Professional Organizations One unique ICT powered ID Card: Nursing Care Passport!

6 Nursing Care Passport ICT powered ID Card Storing of data and information: Education & Competence Level Continuing professional Development Provided Care Information Smart Card ID Solution Physical & Logical access control Secure portable data storage with encryption and control All informaton are stored in Nursing Terminology format

7 How to make? Establishing International Project Team Partnership with: International Nursing Organizations National Nursing Organizations Development of Project Plan & Phases Team Leader Organization must be UN! Each UN member country appoints two representatives One from National Nursing Organization One from Ministry of Health / Government

8 Benefits for Nurse World Nursing Register Database Connecting different information’s and knowledge’s as well as documenting the most important data in nursing care will lead to optimal quality of nursing care and results of health care will be much better. Nurse Exchange Program - Mobility without borders Goal to develop international network for knowledge exchange, but also the exchange of skills in area of nursing between all countries, EU members, as well as between other countries worldwide (USA, Asia,...). By creating the unique employment exchange, migration of nurses will be easier and they will be free professionals who are providing nursing care. Personal Nurse Development Portofolio Enable mobility of Nurses depends on formal education and competencies all stored in Nursing Care Passport Smart ID Card.

9 Conclusion Priority is Patient Safety & Nursing Care Quality ICT has solution! Main focus is on human resources and organization issues Nursing Care Passport Project could enable all Essential is collaboration between ICT industry and Nursing Professional Community at global level This type of project requires time, expertise and well- planned schedule!

10 Thank you! Anya Zubic

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