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2 WATER and SANITATION Today, more than one billion people lack access to safe water and over three billion, half of humanity, do not have adequate sanitation facilities.

3 WATER and SANITATION The number of people without adequate water and sanitation facilities could reach 5.5 billion in the next 20 years.

4 WATER AS A HUMAN RIGHT “Water is fundamental for life and health. The human right to water is indispensable for leading a healthy life in human dignity. It is a pre-requisite to the realization of all other human rights.” UN Committee on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights 26.November 2002

5 Scope of Water and Sanitation Policy
This policy applies to all Water and Sanitation interventions carried out by National Societies and the International Federation. Programming and advocacy aims at incorporating Water and Sanitation objectives into general health and development programmes as well as in emergency situations. Water and Sanitation is a Health initiative, clearly defined and seen as one of the most important aspects of preventive health. Community Based Health Care cannot be considered without addressing the issue of Water and Sanitation coverage.

6 WatSan Activities 2.5 Million People served by Developmental WatSan North-East Russia Secretariat Geneva Switzerland Slovakia Kazakhastan Bosnia-Herzegovina Hungary Albania Croatia Azerbaijan Uzbekistan Macedonia Turkey Tajikistan North Korea Syria Iraq Iran Afghanistan Algeria Nepal China Jordan Pakistan Cuba Bangladesh India Myanmar Guatemala Belize Haiti Dominican Rep Eritrea Laos Honduras Thailande Active in over 35 Countries El Salvador Panama Guinea Bissau Sudan Philippines Nicaragua Djibutia Cambodia Costa Rica Venezuela Liberia Nigeria Somalia Vietnam Colombia Cote d'Ivoire . D.R. Congo Uganda Ethiopia Sri Lanka Malaysia Rwanda Kenya Tanzania Indonesia New Guinea Papua Peru Angola Comores East Timor Fiji Zambia Malawi Bolivia Mozambique Paraguay Namibia Zimbabwe Botswana Madagascar Swaziland Lesotho Argentina 6.5 Million People served with Emergency WatSan

7 1 out of Programmes North Korea Wat-San started in 1999
100 municaplities Provide clean water, sanitation, hygiene education 3 delegates DPRK RC Wat-San department

8 GENDER Recognize the issue of gender and the need for a gender-balanced approach.

9 HARDWARE and SOFTWARE Hygiene promotion (Software) must be established parallel to / before introducing hardware (pumpes, pipes).

Give due consideration to the use of appropriate local technologies for the sustainability of the work.

11 Statements Community participation
National Water and Sanitation strategies Integrated approach Evolution from relief to development

12 Responsibilities A careful, respectful approach to official community leaders and traditional and/or religious leaders is imperative. When the community is committed, Government is informed and relationships with others players and local Red Cross structures are established, the engineering work may commence.

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