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World Records and Present Perfect Progressive

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1 World Records and Present Perfect Progressive

2 Best global performance ever to be recorded.
World Records Best global performance ever to be recorded.

3 The longest snake in the world

4 Perkin- the world’s smallest cat

5 Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria- the largest pizza you can buy

6 Stig Severinson- longest breath held underwater for 22 min.

7 1) The oldest hotel is the Nisiyama Osen Keiunkan in Yamanashi, Japan, which has been operating since 705 A.D. 2) The world’s oldest person, Misao Okawa, has been living for 117 years. 3) Michel Lolito has eaten the most amount of metal. He has been eating metal (including an airplane, shopping cart and bicycles) since 1959. 4) Fred Finn is the world’s most traveled person. He has been traveling for 52 years to 150 countries (=16 million miles).

8 Look at the list of world records
Do you see any similarities between the sentences? Can you identify the verb tense?

9 Present Perfect Progressive (pg. 99 in your textbooks)
(have/has + been + verb-ing) is the form of a present perfect progressive tense We use this tense to describe actions that: began in the past are happening now will probably continue in the future they are unfinished (progressive)

10 Practice with Present Perfect Progressive
Do you know someone who has been living for a long time? How long has he/she been living? Do you eat one food every day? How long have you been eating that food every day? Do you know someone who has been working in one job for a long time? Discuss in groups.


12 Textbook page 100 ex. 1 Please turn to your workbooks and look at exercise 1 on page 100. Complete the exercise on your own. Students will come up to the board and write their sentences.

13 Write a letter home Students will write a letter to a friend or family member in Japan. Write 3 paragraphs with a present perfect progressive in each paragraph. Describe to your friend/family about your life in New York. What have you been doing in New York/New Jersey? How long have you been living in New York/New Jersey? What hobbies have you been enjoying in New York/New Jersey?

14 Guess This Person Activity
She has been the youngest songwriter for the Sony Music publishing house. She has been writing 40 songs. She has been the first country singer to win an MTV Video Music Award. Her video was “You Belong to Me.” She has been writing most of her songs in her music albums. She has been the youngest artist in history to win a Grammy Award for Album of the year.

15 Taylor Swift

16 Your Turn SS will think of a celebrity/famous person. SS will write down 5 statements describing that person using the present perfect progressive. After, read your description to the class we will try to guess who it could be.

17 The Most Experienced Person
In pairs, students will work together to find things that have been doing longer than their partners by asking questions in the present perfect progressive. Name 5 things that you have been doing longer than your partner.

18 Textbook page 101 With partners, students will complete exercise 4 with partners. Ask and answer questions about your activities.

19 Talk for a minute

20 Homework Find a world record that you found online/magazine/article. Write about the world record using a present perfect progressive. It should include 3 sentences: Who is the record breaker? What record did he/she break? Why was it interesting for you?

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