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SAFE STORAGE OF FOOD Lesson 4 Year 11 Prep Sheet..

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1 SAFE STORAGE OF FOOD Lesson 4 Year 11 Prep Sheet.

2 Starter Activity......  See how many contaminants you can remember from your unit on Health & Safety......  You have 3 minutes...

3 Let’s see what you recall... Biological Chemical Physical

4 Learning Objectives.... KNOW  The main contaminants in food  Key temperatures for the safe storage of food. UNDERSTAND  How different equipment can help store food safely.  The conditions that bacteria need to multiply. BE ABLE TO  Describe how correct use of equipment can help food storage  Recall key temperatures for food safety.  Apply knowledge to past exam question to demonstrate understanding.

5 Food safety.....  Why is food safety very important?  When you make a food product you need to make sure that it is safe to eat as well as being good quality.  Bacteria can grow on food which can lead to food poisoning.

6 What conditions do bacteria require to multiply? Food – bacteria prefer foods that are moist and high in protein. (High Risk Foods) Moisture – bacteria need moisture to stay alive. Warmth - most bacteria multiply above 5°C and below 63°C. Any temperature within this is called the danger zone. High risk foods need to be stored below 5°C and cooked to above 63°C. The core temperature of the food should reach above 72°C for at least 2 minutes. Time - bacteria multiply very quickly. The first 60 – 90 is critical for cooling food down before they really get multiplying!

7 Activity......  Imagine you are working for a catering company that has been asked to produce a buffet for a party. Three of the foods that are going to be served at the party are hummus, sour cream dip, guacamole. Explain the important hygiene controls you would need to carry out, including time and temperature controls to ensure that the products are safe to eat.

8 So what about storing food.....  Food storage is a type of preservation method to extend the shelf life of food.  If we think about the sorts of products that are the focus of the revision we need to think about the following techniques....  Chilling  Freezing  Ambient storage

9 Chilling......  Chilling is a short term, temporary method of preservation.  Chilled food is often kept just above 0°C.  Bacterial growth is SLOWED not STOPPED.  This type of preservation will extend shelf life by several days once produced.  It keeps the food tasting close to the fresh product. Does not affect nutritional value much. How should a fridge be organised? Explain your answer.

10 Freezing......  Freezing turns a liquid into a solid.  This techniques therefore removes one of the conditions that bacteria require to multiply.  Which other condition does it remove?  Warmth.  This therefore makes it a long term method of preservation.  There is little change in flavour or structure as well as the nutritional value.

11 Activity......  Now attempt a past exam question to demonstrate your understanding on safe storage of foods.

12 Review......  3 – 2 – 1  Write down 3 pieces of information that you already knew about today’s topic.  Write down 2 pieces of information that you have learnt today.  Write down 1 piece of information you would like to know more about.

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