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Cancer Clinical Trials: The Way We Make Progress Against Cancer.

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1 Cancer Clinical Trials: The Way We Make Progress Against Cancer

2 2 What Are Cancer Clinical Trials? Research studies to find better ways to prevent, detect, or treat cancer Help doctors find ways to improve cancer care

3 3 Why Are Cancer Clinical Trials Important? Most of the best cancer treatments we have today are based on what we learned from clinical trials People with cancer are living longer because of clinical trials

4 4 Do Many People Take Part in Cancer Clinical Trials? Few people take part The more people who take part, the faster we will find better ways to treat and prevent cancer

5 5 What Are the Different Types of Clinical Trials? Treatment Prevention Diagnostic Screening/early detection Quality of life

6 6 Treatment Trials What new treatments can help people who have cancer? What is the most effective treatment for people who have cancer?

7 7 Treatment Trials Many treatment trials compare two or more different approaches to treating cancer Participants will take either: –The best accepted cancer treatment –A new treatment

8 8 Prevention Trials What approaches can prevent a specific type of cancer from developing in people who don’t have cancer?

9 9 Prevention Trials Two kinds, that ask participants to either: 1. Do something 2. Take something

10 10 Protecting Patients’ Safety Informed Consent Before agreeing to take part, patients have the right to understand all that is involved in a clinical trial: Procedures and treatments Tests Possible risks and benefits

11 11 Protecting Patients’ Safety Institutional Review Boards Committee made up of experts

12 12 Benefits of Taking Part Possible benefits: Patients will receive, at a minimum, the best standard treatment If the new approach is proven to work, patients may be among the first to benefit Patients have a chance to help others and improve cancer care

13 13 Risks of Taking Part Possible risks: Unknown side effects or other risks New treatment may not help every participant Costs

14 14 Where to Find Clinical Trial Information Your doctor or nurse National Cancer Institute – Cancer Information Service –1-800-4-CANCER –TTY- 1-800-332-8615

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