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Developing PANDORA Mark Corbould Director, IT Business Systems.

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1 Developing PANDORA Mark Corbould Director, IT Business Systems

2 Context Perceived Wisdom Accessing information from the Internet is like trying to drink from a fire hose –“It can’t be done” –“It will not scale” –“It is too expensive” The goal posts keep moving as authors use the browser feature du jour And the technical challenges are … –Systems/tools for capture, creation, storage, display and access –Metadata support –Access control and rights management –Preservation and ongoing access

3 Development Strategy Expect the archive to grow exponentially (at least a factor of two each year) Develop PANDORA as a national and potentially distributed infrastructure Develop PANDORA in the context of other collecting strategies, eg electronic deposit and whole of domain web capture Buy not build

4 What is PANDORA Today? PANDAS –The ILMS of PANDORA –Systems/tools for capture, creation, storage –Metadata support –Access control PANDORA’s Box –The Stacks of PANDORA –Large scale storage supporting ongoing access and long term preservation PANDORA’s Lid –The Reading Room for PANDORA –Controlled public access to the archive using contemporary browsers –Appropriate resource discovery tools

5 PANDAS Improve workflow efficiency Provide more effective quality assurance tools Develop ability to allow publisher’s to push material into the archive Keep pace with web publishing technology Database-driven services Streaming delivery

6 PANDORA’s Box The archive is currently approximated 1.5 million objects requiring 150GB of storage … and growing fast The Digital Object Storage System (DOSS) –Large scale storage system for Digital Collections –Initial system configuration provides 5 TB of storage –System can be scaled to 25 TB –PANDORA will migrate to DOSS for the end of July

7 DOSS Architecture SCSI 80 MBs Ethernet 100 Mbs Fibre Channel 100 MBs Disk Arrays Tape Library DB Server Web Server DOMS Server SAN Switch

8 PANDORA’s Lid Initial release will go into production by the end of July, and will support Automatically generated title entry pages Access Controls Improved resource discovery –Browse by title –Browse by subject –Full text search –Metadata search And it will look better too!

9 PANDORA’s Lid futures Better integration with the Library Catalogue Full metadata support Facilitate the research use of the archive though the development of appropriate navigation tools Support more sophisticated rights management Better browser support

10 Towards a Distributed National Archive PANDORA currently supports distributed collection management and access through a central system The Library in partnership with other agencies will explore “more” distributed models Currently the model being discussed is that of agencies having the choice to maintain local archives and access with a central metadata repository and access portal Two possible architectures have been proposed

11 Distributed Storage Enhance existing system to allow agencies to have local copies of PANDORA’s Box and their own public access system Can be done in the short term Management is central Gathering may be local or central Archiving is to a local system PANDORA’s Lid provides normal functionality

12 Distributed PANDORA Each agency would provide local management, gathering, storage and access National metadata repository and access portal may be real or virtual Difficulties –Technology –Cost A packaged hardware and software solution providing “PANDORA Appliance”

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