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Expectations of the Enforcing Authority

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1 Expectations of the Enforcing Authority
Katie Dunlop MSc BSc (Hons) HM Inspector of Health and Safety

2 HSE: Strategy New HSE strategy Increasing culture of risk aversion
“To prevent death, injury and ill health to those at work and those affected by work activities” Workplace fatalities fell last year to 180 23 fatalities in Scotland Over 100,000 employees still suffer serious injuries every year Several thousand still dying prematurely from work-related diseases

3 Leadership Fundamental in the governance of health and safety culture
Leaders in organisations Leaders in your own specialist area Take ownership of issues Win management attention

4 Money talks! Health and Safety can be seen as an expense that can be done without Can be seen as bureaucracy and burden Reality health and safety makes good business sense Improvements in costs, productivity and reputation Can increase moral and productivity and reduce absences and staff turnover

5 Leadership Not just from the top down Bottom up can be more effective
Everyone must understand own responsibilities Health and safety has high profile at Edinburgh University Can be a challenge to enable everyone to play own part

6 Competence Health and Safety training
Not expecting you all to be health and safety experts First line of defence Role to build competence throughout the University as a whole Best results are where health and safety integrated within all aspects of your role not simply as something that has to be done Relevant to task each person is performing Clear on responsibilities to take care of own health and safety

7 Accountability Everyone has a role Everyone responsible Everyone accountable Responsibility to manage risks lies with those that create it

8 Focusing on the risks that matter
Proportionality Focusing on the risks that matter Not about paperwork, about proper work Many health and safety myths:

9 HSE ban throwing mortar boards at Graduation Ceremonies!

10 Lord Young Report
Welcomed by HSE Important milestone for reputation of real health and safety Refocus on managing workplace risks Often used as a convenient excuse to hide behind

11 Proportionality What does this mean in University sector
Identify real and serious risks Two major causes of ill health and injury in education sector are work-related stress and slips and trips

12 Stress Work-related stress costs society £4 billion and over 13 million working days each year Management Standards introduced in 2004 Provide framework for managing stress 6 key areas: change, relationships, support, roles, control and demands

13 Slips and Trips Slips and trips account for 60% of serious injuries at estimated cost of £49 million a year Shattered lives campaign Online e-Learning Package - STEP Includes specific course for those working in education sector

14 Proportionality Understanding of risk is core life skill
Need to embed this basic understanding in the curriculum Applies to all departments Young people more risk naïve than 20 years ago Lot of work now underway to bring health and safety into mainstream education curriculum

15 Conclusion Three relevant pillars of HSE strategy: Leadership
Accountability Proportionality Including the themes of: Competence Training Learning

16 Conclusion It’s not rocket science!
Strategies only work if they make sense and result in real action on the ground Thank you Any questions

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