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Indian Institute of Health Management Research

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1 Indian Institute of Health Management Research
Welcome Indian Institute of Health Management Research THANK-YOU

2 The Visionary

3 Established in 1984 in Jaipur, India
Pioneered establishing Health Management as a distinct discipline in India and globally. Championed health research agenda in the country and SEA Region WHO Collaborating Centre (SEARO) for District Health Systems Recognized as an Institute of Excellence by Government of India. Rank # 1 Sectoral Business Schools of India Awarded B-Schools Business Leadership Award

4 Our Vision To enable the people to achieve the best standards of health and lead an economically and socially productive life through improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of health systems, and accessible, affordable and quality health care.

5 Our Mission IIHMR is an institution dedicated to the improvement in standards of health through better management of health care and related Programs. It seeks to accomplish this through management research, training, consultation, and institutional networking in a national and global perspective

6 Our Goals Conduct policy and programmatic research on the most important policy and management issues in the health sector. Develop successful models of service delivery and management which can be adopted widely by public sector and NGO health care organizations. Train health professionals to effectively manage health services. Disseminate latest knowledge and management technology in India and other developing countries Establish the Institute as a world-class academic institution in the area of health and population management

7 Three Campuses in India

8 IIHMR Campus, Jaipur, India

9 IIHMR Campus, Jaipur, India

10 IIHMR Campus, New Delhi India

11 IIHMR Campus, Bangalore, India

12 Our Thrust Areas Primary Health Care Health and Hospital Management Pharmaceutical Management Rural Management Population and Reproductive Health Health Economics and Finance NGO Management and Networking

13 Management Research, Education and Training
Our Capabilities IIHMR is highly specialized research, education and training institution in India and South East Asia Management Research, Education and Training Planning, Designing and Conducting Management Training for Health Professionals Institutional Capacity Development and Networking Project Planning and Management Operations Research and Evaluation Economic and Financial Analysis Survey Research Social Assessment Quality Assurance Health Sector Reforms Program Evaluation

14 Faculty and Research Staff
42 highly qualified and experienced faculty members representing diverse disciplines: Hospital Management Public Health General Management Population and Demography Health Economics and Finance M.I.S. Statistics Social Sciences Behavior Sciences Rural Development Pharmaceuticals

15 Core Activities of IIHMR
Education Postgraduate Program in Hospital and Health Management (MBA) Postgraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Management (MBA) Postgraduate Program in Rural Management (MBA) Fellow Program in Health and Hospital management Distance Education – Hospital management for Executives Research Policy, Programs, Health Systems and Population Research Training Management Development Programs (Short term training Programs) Consultancy Health Systems, Hospitals, Health Finance, Health Marketing

16 Networking and Collaboration
WHO Collaborating Centre, SEARO The Johns Hopkins University, USA London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine WHO South-East Asia Public Health Education Institution Network (SEAPHEIN) International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, (IUATLD) Paris UN Partners in Population and Development, Mahidol University, Thailand Afghanistan Public health Institute (APHI) SUPBIOTECH, Paris

17 Research at IIHMR

18 Areas of Research

19 Salient National and International Research
Evaluation of Global Fund in 16 countries across all continents Evaluation of National AIDS Control Program and design of NACP III Evaluation of National Leprosy Eradication Program in India Evaluation of National Tuberculosis Control Program National evaluation of Paediatric HIV/AIDS Home-based Care and Support Services Global Resource Flow Study for HIV and Reproductive health in 160 countries Technical Support to Ministry of Health, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Future Health Systems in Five countries for strengthening health systems

20 IIHMR’s New Areas of Research and Development
Health System Development and Management Health of Urban Poor Food Fortification and Public Health Nutrition Safe drinking water and environment Climate Change Information Management and evidence based policies and programs Health financing and Insurance Quality and Patient Safety Community Empowerment and Gender Equity

21 Our Funding Agencies Government of India Various State Governments
UN agencies- World Health Organization, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF World Bank Other International Organizations- Clinton Foundation, DANIDA, DFID, European Commission, GAIN, Global Fund, KfW, USAID, World Food Program

22 Training and Human Resource Development
Management Development Programs for Capacity Building Every year short term programs are offered Every year over 1000 health professionals and managers attend management development programs

23 Management Development Programs
Health Policy, Planning and Management Program Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Result Based Management Human Resource Management for Health Care Leadership and strategic management in health care Effective Hospital Management Strengthening District Health Systems for effective Primary Health Care Leadership and Management Development Quality Assurance Decentralized Planning and Management Medical Audit in Professional Management of Health Care Health Economics and Finance for Health and Hospital Professionals NGO Management and Capacity Building Policy Concerns and Management in HIV/AIDS Information Management and Documentation Data Management and Analysis Computer Application in Hospital Management


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