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Sound Waves we can hear.

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1 Sound Waves we can hear

2 Where Does Sound Come From?
The source of all sound waves is Vibration

3 Sound Examples Strings in instruments Drumhead in drum
Vocal chords in your throat Opening and closing a door

4 How Vibration Makes Sound
The vibration sets the surrounding air molecules in motion The frequency of a sound wave is the same frequency as the vibrating source Sound travels as a longitudinal wave through the air to your ear

5 Anatomy of a Longitudinal Wave
Wavelength Compression Rarefaction Wave Motion

6 Sound Vocabulary Wavelength: Distance between two compressions
Frequency (vibrations per second) Perceived as PITCH Low Frequency = low pitch High Frequency = high pitch Amplitude: Perceived as LOUDNESS Large amplitude = loud sound Small amplitude = soft sound

7 Name That Sound Loud & high-pitched Loud & low-pitched
Soft & low-pitched Medium-loud and medium-pitched Loud & low-pitched Soft & high-pitched Medium-loud and high-pitched

8 Name That Sound Loud & high-pitched F Loud & low-pitched E
Soft & low-pitched D Medium-loud and medium-pitched A Loud & low-pitched E Soft & high-pitched B Medium-loud and high-pitched C

9 Transmitting Sound Sound can only travel through matter SOLID –
Putting your ear to a door or wall (better if you use a glass) LIQUIDS – Dolphins communicating in water GAS – Talking

10 What‘s Wrong with This? Rumble, rumble, rumble

11 What‘s Wrong with This? There’s no sound in space!
Rumble, rumble, rumble There’s no sound in space! Sound cannot travel in a vacuum where there is no matter

12 Speed of Sound Speed of Sound at room temperature
340 m/s Light travels at 300,000,000 m/s Sound is a million times slower than light Speed depends on the temperature and elasticity of the medium Elasticity Ability to change shape then return to initial shape quickly Steel is elastic Putty is inelastic

13 Speed of Sound Atoms in elastic materials are relatively close together and respond quickly to each other’s motion

14 Speed of Sound Sound travels fastest in : Examples:
SOLID  LIQUID  GASES Examples: Sound in steel 15 times faster than air Sound in water 4 times faster than air

15 Speed of Sound Example If you put your ear to the ground you can hear distant horses before you could hear them through the air

16 Speed of Sound Speed of sound INCREASES as temperature INCREASES
Molecules moving faster bump into each other more often. Amplitude (Loudness) and frequency (Pitch) DO NOT affect speed of sound Sonic Booms Occur when objects travels as fast as the speed of sound.

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