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Football History Yasmeen Al Idrissi.

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1 Football History Yasmeen Al Idrissi

2 What is football? Football is a game with 2 different teams. It is played with a round ball and the main idea of the game is to kick the ball into the other teams goal. The game is 90 minutes long, and after 45 minutes the players get a half time where they rest for 15 minutes.

3 Where did Football originate from?
Some people say that the Greeks and Romans originated football in 388 BC. They used to play a lot of ball games such as football but with a few different rules. Other people say that football was originated in China but they played it in a very different way than today.

4 Who made up the first organized set of rules for Football
Who made up the first organized set of rules for Football? Why did they do this? In 1848 England made the first set of organized rules that we play football with now like fouls, penalties, corners, etc. They did this because if they didn’t then football would only be kicking a ball around. It was very important that England made a set of organized rules because now we can play football with positions for the players, yellow cards and red cards, off sides and many more things.

5 How many countries play Football as their national sport?
About 60 countries have football as their national sport like South America, Western Europe (Almost all the countries from Norway to Greece), The Middle East, South East Asia and the African Nation. Football doesn’t necessarily have to be the national sport but it is one of the most popular sports in the world.

6 Why do you think Football has become so popular around the world?
Football is a popular sport mainly because of its simplicity. It is also because you can play it without a lot of equipment. This is why in poor countries children and adults are able to play football because all they need is a ball and a goal that they can use almost anything to make it.

7 Why do you think Football has become so popular around the world?
A lot of people enjoy watching it from how much they have gotten into it! Almost everyone supports teams and that is also a reason they get that into it. For example if I like the team Barcelona, I would watch all their games, know every player and after a while I would find out what each player is good at.

8 Do you think there are different ways of playing, or styles, of Football in different areas around the world? Of course there are different ways and styles of playing football around the world. For example, mostly the Dutch play attack in football but on the other hand, Spanish football is about defense and attack, the Latin players are good dribblers, Northern players are fast and organized and the Continental players are good passers.

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