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Today’s Technology is Today’s Marketing ! Presents High Tech, High Touch Listing Presentation.

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1 Today’s Technology is Today’s Marketing ! Presents High Tech, High Touch Listing Presentation

2 What to take with you to a Listing Presentation Lock Box Room Measurer Digital Camera 2 copies of Listing Package with as much information completed as possible Listing Presentation

3 High Tech, High Touch Listing Presentation Windermere Portfolio with 2 of your business cards Metropolitan or Distinctive Homes Magazine with one of your listings Personal Brochure or Resume Mock-up of High Impact Flyer for the property for which you are on the appointment (use digital camera to take a picture before arriving at meeting) Sample of a finished High Impact Property Flyer Sample of Custom XPress Marketing Postcard Copy of Where Do Buyers Come From? Copy of the NAR flyer on

4 Front Page of Copy of your bio from Copy of your listing from with photo Front page of Copy of an Open House listing on If you have a Premium Windermere website, add a copy of the frontpage here i e, Sample Showcase Listing on with 6 photos, custom description and history of property Copy of the listing from with 8

5 Copy of virtual tour on a previous listing Alexa Internet Comparison One Sheet on Windermere Online One Sheet on Lifestyles of Las Vegas Original of CMA presentation along with the tax print out on the home you are listing

6 Put Your Listing Presentation in a Windermere Blue Padded Binder or you can use the standard Windermere Portfolio I leave this book with the sellers after my presentation


8 Include a Metropolitan &/or Distinctive Homes Magazine Ad

9 Be sure to include your Professional Profile

10 Prepare a mock-up flyer of the home for which you have prepared the CMA

11 Present a Flyer of a previous listing showing how you will present their home!

12 Show a sample of a Just Listed Postcard from Custom XPress. Let them know that you will send out a card like this on their home!

13 This is an excellent place to put the “Where Will The Buyer For YOUR Property Come From?” flyer.

14 This is where I would put the information about and the recognition it has received from the National Association of Realtors since 1998 and its relationship with GOOGLE

15 Print the front page of

16 Be certain to include your bio from the website

17 Include a copy of a Photo Gallery from

18 Be sure to include a printed copy of the photo gallery in your presentation

19 Here are great interior pictures

20 Here are great exterior pictures

21 I also included a floor plan from Salestraq

22 Here is the website visits. Good information!

23 Here is the front page of my personal website with my listing featured

24 Let the seller know about your presence on

25 Let the seller know that you will not only showcase the home with pictures, but will write a description that draws the consumer into look at the property!

26 Show off the many elements available on and how you will make the sellers home stand out in the crowd

27 In the backside of your, you will find reports on all property views by listing. Be certain to include this information for the seller. REMEMBER: 3 out of 4 buyers start their search on the internet!

28 You can also shine on the GLVAR website

29 Show off your marketing skills here too!

30 If the difference in getting the listing or not is a virtual tour… then show the seller the product you will use. VHT 800-790- TOUR

31 Show the Seller how traffic stacks up against the competition on Coldwell Banker Premier Realty Re/Max International Dyson & Dyson Prudential Nationally Coldwell Banker Nationally

32 Web traffic info 08/04/2006 Last month, Windermere’s Web site: Welcomed 416,717 first-time visitors Garnered 3,494,417 visits (includes first-time and repeat visitors) Averaged seven views per visit Hosted visitors to the site for an average length of four minutes With the addition of the GOOGLE partnership, 380 million monthly users, and potential buyers, will be exposed to your property. Don’t forget to include the current Web traffic info from

33 Lifestyles of Las Vegas …. the ultimate in marketing! It airs on Saturday at 8:30 am and on Sunday at 8:30 am and 12:30 pm on Cox Cable 19


35 Example of Open House ad

36 Include the CMA that you have prepared. Be certain to print it in color and set it up in a professional format.

37 Here are your comps

38 Here is the great new tool on pricing your property to sell. Sellers should always see this.

39 Here is the Tax Record to include in the package

40 In addition to the MLXchange CMA, you will want to include the Windermere Marketing Tools




44 Add as many of the Windermere One Sheets as you feel you need to in order to make your presentation work for you. Remember: It is your job to persuade and convince the sellers that there is only one agent (that’s you) with one company (that’s Windermere) that can give them the level of service and marketing that they need to sell their house!

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