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Dolce & Gabbana.

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1 Dolce & Gabbana

2 Product Hierarchy Core Benefit: Luxurious, Sexy, Fashionable, High-end, High-priced Apparel Basic Product: Women’s Apparel Expected Product: Men’s Apparel, D&G Moderate Priced Apparel, D&G Junior Children’s Apparel Augmented Product: Fragrances, Jewelry, Eyewear, Shoes, Handbags, and Gold Restaurant in Milan Potential Product: Home Décor: including Home, Bed, Bath, and Kitchen

3 SWOT Analysis Internal External Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
Strengths Strong brand equity High-end luxury products High quality products Fashion forward and trendy Does not produce fast fashion Non-traditional ground-breaking ads Reaches and targets the LGBT community Weaknesses Has yet to make a big move to join the green movement Ignoring the vastly growing Asian market Too sexual ads Lack of brand extension Lack of social media advertising Counterfeit products Opportunities Creating a strong brand extension Creating more buss by social media advertising Expanding more into the growing Asian market Hong Kong etc. Making advances to join the green movement Ending sandblasting Creating eco-friendly products Threats Competition Economy More innovative designers and products Brand identity becoming confused Loyal customers taking their business elsewhere Internal External

4 Merchandising Strategy
Product Width Bed Bath Kitchen Accessories Gold Black Grey White Silk Velvet Product Length Terry Cloth Cotton Product Depth: 4x4 = 16

5 Customer-Based Brand Equity
Upscale Living Lifestyle Brands Premium Materials Long Lasting Features Luxurious Quality Timeless Pieces High End Style Gold & black Grey & white Silk & velvet Terry cloth, cotton Clean, embellished & chic High awareness High brand recognition Equal product breadth and width Commonly purchased by fashion-conscious individuals

6 Conclusion D&G Home: Our home products will continue to carry on the Dolce & Gabbana brand with glamorous and high fashion products creating a luxurious lifestyle. We will continue to promote our products in store and online through the bold, controversial, yet affective media ads that reflect the true spirit of the brand; high fashion, glitz and glamour. Our knowledgeable staff will provide decorating tips to the consumers on how to incorporate our products into their homes Dolce and Gabbana Home will be a very non-traditional brand devoted to the new type of high fashion consumer who values a unique luxurious lifestyle.

7 Conclusion D&G has established a strong brand equity:
Strong brand: Consumers across the globe recognize the Dolce & Gabbana name and what it stands for. Luxury high-quality fashion is what is associated with Dolce & Gabbana Target market: Dolce & Gabbana has stood out from other designers by targeting the gay community Brand identity: Dolce & Gabbana has positioned itself in the minds of consumers as a high fashion trendy designer clothing line Advertising: Dolce & Gabbana is continuously pushing the boundaries which is it’s trademark

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