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Regional Symposium on Services Other Business Services : Consultancy Services.

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1 Regional Symposium on Services Other Business Services : Consultancy Services

2 Available Funds 2008 -2013 from the IADB, the World Bank + the EDF CountryIDBWorld BankEDFTotal Consulting Services (4.5%) Bahamas63.90263.036.5133.4326.004 Barbados58.9093.621375.5293.399 Belize21.558016.1237.6781.696 Dominica009.75 0.439 Dominican Republic539.833270.6252.61063.03347.836 Grenada029.8311.9641.791.881 Guyana283.29330.7272.02385.03317.326 Haiti418.0080378.3796.30835.834 Jamaica112.15764.26159.77336.18715.128 Regional745.7642.6214.51002.8645.129 St. Kitts & Nevis07.466.1113.570.611

3 Available Funds (continued) CountryIDBWorld BankEDFTotalConsulting Services (4.5%) St. Lucia026.613.1339.731.788 St. Vincent & the Grenadines012.5612.6125.171.133 Suriname33.211026.5259.7312.689 Trinidad & Tobago162.0517.1433.67212.869.579 Total Available for the Caribbean2438.681568.421226.564233.661190.472 % of Total Funding of IFI1.653.024.3 All funds are in US$(M). (Data obtained from IDB, World Bank & EDF websites (4-6). For the World Bank and EDF the total funding for LAC and ACP countries respectively was used. €=$1.30(US)

4 Recommendations  Procurement rules and financial requirements which allow Caribbean consulting companies to compete effectively against international companies for projects funded by the IFIs  Support for Caribbean consulting service associations e.g. National Coalitions of Services, CAIC, CAC, and CICMC.  Fiscal support specific to the needs of consulting companies e.g. tax relief and grants to market and develop innovative systems.

5 Recommendations (continued)  Inclusion into the Competitive Base of Contractors in Development Projects. Under the umbrella of CAIC to get the agreement of regional bodies (e.g. CARICOM. CDB etc) and individual Governments that Caribbean consulting service companies be fully integrated into the competitive base of contractors from which they purchase services and the specific support mechanisms that will make this a reality be implemented.

6 Recommendations (continued)  Support Mechanisms should include: a) support from Ministers & Caribbean Directors in IFIs; b) outreach to Caribbean consultants and procurement personnel; c) procurement personnel should have to show why no Caribbean consulting companies qualified for contracts, particularly those <$200K(US); d) a strategic Quantity, Quality and Institutionalisation (QQI) approach; e)goal development and accountability;

7 Recommendations (continued) f) monitoring committee which includes consultants reporting to the PS Ministry of Finance; g) mentor-protégé programmes; h) prime contractor roundtable; i) programme structure and measurement tools and j) consultants’ database accessible to procurement personnel across the region.

8 Thank you.

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