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Welcome to Viewing Vendor Invoice - VVI

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1 Welcome to Viewing Vendor Invoice - VVI

2 Background The purpose of the Purchase to Pay (P2P) solution – Viewing Vendor Invoices (VVI) is to establish a web based application for Volvo Group suppliers. Suppliers have the ability to log in to the web application and display invoice status, payment information, receipt information and debit information. It will also be possible to download remittance advice and debit memo copies.

3 Viewing Vendor Invoices
An application within Volvo Group Supplier Portal VVI If you do not have access to this tool, please fill in the form or call to the concerned Contact Center, this information is provided on

4 Viewing Vendor Invoices
Features Search for Invoices Search for Payments Search for Goods Receipts (RtP)

5 Invoices Search by: Invoice date, Invoice number, Invoice amount, Invoice status, such as Paid, Free for Payment, Blocked, Waiting for Approval, In Process and Document category, such as Invoices.

6 Payments Search by: Payment number, Check number and Payment date range.

7 Goods Receipts (RtP) Search by: Document date range, Delivery note number, Part number and Purchase order.

8 Frequently Asked Questions
Instructions for users User guide material

9 Time for you to get familiar with Viewing Vendor Invoices Please enter here>>

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