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Great Depression.

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1 Great Depression


3 Great Depression Great Depression period of extremely high unemployment and economic disparity

4 Great Depression Stock market crash of Billions of $ lost, 16 million shares of stock were sold Black Tuesday- Oct. 29th 1929

5 Great Depression Overproduction- producing to much
Under Consumption- consumption of less than in produced.

6 Dust Bowl Dust Bowl- term used for the central and southern great plains region of the U.S. during the 1930’s which suffered from drought and dust storms.

7 Dust Bowl

8 Dust Bowl Migration west- over 800,000 people moved westward to find jobs and new homes.

9 Social and Political Impacts
Unemployment- 1929= 3% of pop. unemployed 1933= 25% of pop. unemployed Hoovervilles- makeshift shantytowns of tents and shacks built on public land or vacant lots. Named after president Hoover.

10 Hoovervilles

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