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Bowel Cancer Awareness Claire Stephenson Health Promotion & Outreach Coordinator.

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1 Bowel Cancer Awareness Claire Stephenson Health Promotion & Outreach Coordinator

2 We aim to save lives by:  Raising awareness  Campaigning for best treatment and care  Providing practical support and information

3 What this talk will cover  Symptoms  Risk factors  Bowel screening  Signposting

4 The digestive system Large bowel Anus Stomach Small bowel Colon Rectum

5 The large bowel  Part of the digestive system  Processes waste for excretion  Absorbs water from digested food and drink  Approx 1.5m long and 6.5cm wide

6 Bowel cancer  Affects both men and women  95% of people are over 50  39,990 diagnosed each year in the UK

7 Bowel cancer  16,259 deaths each year in the UK  Third most common cancer  Second biggest cancer killer

8 Dukes Stage Description Five year overall survival rates Dukes A Cancer is contained within the lining of the colon or rectum 93% Dukes B Cancer has grown through full thickness of lining and muscle wall 77% Dukes C Cancer has spread to lymph nodes surrounding the affected colon 48% Dukes DCancer has spread beyond the original site (often to liver or lungs) 7% Figures from NCIN Dec 2012

9 If diagnosed early bowel cancer is highly treatable

10 Checking for symptoms

11 Symptoms  Bleeding from bottom or blood in poo  Change in bowel habit for 3 weeks or more  Extreme tiredness for no obvious reason  Unexplained weight loss  Pain and/or a lump in your belly

12 Symptoms  You may experience one, some, all or no symptoms  Most symptoms will not be bowel cancer

13 Risk factors  Age: 95% are over 50  Polyps  Inflammatory bowel disease (ie Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis)  Family history/genetics  Type 2 Diabetes

14 Polyps

15 Family history  One close relative diagnosed under 50 Or  Two close relatives on the same side of the family diagnosed at any age Or  Cases of other forms of abdominal cancer in family (e.g. ovarian, stomach, kidney, endometrial)

16 Risk factors to avoid


18 Lowering your risk: diet

19 Lowering your risk: exercise

20 The Bowel Screening Programme

21 Bowel cancer screening Who is included?  60-69 year olds  Over 70s can opt in  Registered with a GP

22 How to access the test  Automatically sent to your home every two years  Kit is personalised so you can’t use someone else's  You can request a replacement if you lose it

23 The Kit

24 Bowel Screening Centre receives kit What happens next? Your samples are tested for blood

25 Results  Negative result (0 positive samples)  Next test in two years  Unclear result (1-4 positive samples)  Repeat test  Abnormal result (5-6 positive samples)  Invited to speak to a specialist

26 After a positive result  Appointment offered to talk about further testing by colonoscopy  A colonoscopy enables a specialist to see inside your bowel to find the cause of bleeding  Bowel examined at out-patient appointment using flexible tube with camera

27 Bowel screening programme success (As at May 2011)  Over 45,467 cases of polyps  9,361 cases of cancer

28 Signposting  If people report one or more symptoms they should visit their GP and not wait for a kit  Screening helpline: 0800 707 6060 

29 Signposting  Information and Support Service  0800 8 40 35 40  

30 Get involved!  Get fit by doing one of our runs/challenges  Nominate us for charity of the year  Hold a dress down day or cake sale at work  Donate regularly via payroll or direct debit

31 Help us continue our work  Text BCUK05 to 70070 to donate £5

32 Volunteer with us Help on information stands Give talks to community groups and workplaces Help out at events Volunteer in the office

33 Thank you! 020 7381 9711

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