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Game: reserved and devolved powers

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1 Game: reserved and devolved powers
(similar to the pairs card game) Two piles of cards: one pile that has a number of UK and Scottish flags to represent reserved (UK) and devolved (Scotland) matters – maybe five of each. Players pick the top card from the pile of flags and then need to try to uncover/find two cards that are either reserved (if they pick UK flag) or devolved (if they pick Scottish flag). Just like pairs. If they find two matching cards they keep them. If not, they have to leave them uncovered. Cut up the cards and use – one set of each.

2 Constitutional matters

3 UK foreign policy

4 Defence

5 Trade and industry

6 Social security

7 Drug laws

8 Gambling and the National Lottery

9 Health

10 Education

11 Social work

12 Housing

13 Tourism

14 Agriculture, forestry and fishing

15 Sport and the arts

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