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Ch 18.3 New Nations in Africa

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1 Ch 18.3 New Nations in Africa

2 Negritude Movement A movement for African independence that started before World War II. French–speaking Africans and West Indians celebrated their heritage of traditional African culture and values.

3 Ghana [former British colony] 1957
Revolutionary Leader: Kwame Nkumah Nkrumah’s Tactics: Organized boycotts and strikes Reforms: Expensive Health, education, & welfare programs Dreamed of “United States of Africa” Problems he faced: Overthrown by a coup in 1966 Political & Economic Instability since then

4 Kwami Nkrumah

5 Current President of Ghana Professor John Atta Mills

6 Kenya [Former British Colony] 1963
Tactics used by the Mau-Mau: Frighten whites & forced them out of the northern highlands Kenyatta’s Reforms: Tried to unite ethnic & language groups Develop businesses Resulting Problems: Civil Unrest under next leader, Daniel arap Moi


8 Current President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki
The International Crimes Court is currently investigating the widespread civil unrest in Kenya and allegations of corruption and violations of human rights. Current warnings against travel to Kenya have been issued through the U.S. State Department.

9 Zaire, 1960 (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Former colony of Belgium Gained independence by: Granted suddenly by Belgium Mobutu’s rule was: Brutal & Corrupt. Resulting problems: Depleted resources Extreme Poverty Social Unrest; He was overthrown by Laurent Kabila in Kabila was assassinated in His son, Joseph Kabila, took power.

10 Mobutu Sese Seko

11 Laurent Kabila Joseph Kabila

12 Algeria [Former colony of France] 1962
Gained independence by: FLN (Algerian Nat’l Liberation Front) fought against France for their independence. Ben Bella’s Program Attempted to form a socialist state but was overthrown by a coup in 1965 Problems: Unsuccessful attempts to industrialize High Unemployment Rise of Fundamentalist Islamists Continuing civil unrest

13 Ahmed Ben Bella

14 Current President of Algeria Abdelaziz Bouteflika
“Elected” in 2004 after all other candidates dropped out.

15 Angola [Former colony of Portugal] 1975
Gained independence by: Fought against Portugal Causes of their civil war: Communist rebel group MPLA declared itself the rightful ruler of independent Angola. They were supported by Cuba & USSR UNITA rebel group fought against MPLA with support from the USA Continuing problems: Civil war continued until 2002.

16 José Eduardo dos Santos
President of Angola since l979. His son is Vice President.

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