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How to Read a Research Article

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1 How to Read a Research Article

2 How to complete Left click or use the forward arrows to advance through the PowerPoint Upon advancing, each section of the article will be highlighted one by one Read the section of the article, then click once to view the description of it You can find the full article in the bottom left of this slide, if the text in the ppt is too small to read

3 Topics Covered Abstract Headings and subheadings
Introduction/ Literature Review Analysis/ Discussion Methodology References

4 Review of the Literature
Journal Title, year, volume, page numbers Author Name Article Title Introduction Presents problem and states why it was important to study Describes how the study advances knowledge of the problem Abstract Brief synopsis of the study Information about problem investigated, how investigated, the goal of the study, major findings, and hints at what the results could mean (e.g., implications of the findings). Review of the Literature Provides brief review of past research and theory about subject (e.g., the literature review).

5 Tip: References Methodology
Tells which resources the authors consulted to inform their study Tip: A great list for finding other articles that may contain more information on the same topic Methodology Describes the paper design, how the research was conducted 589 Subheadings Throughout the article, subheadings will give you a clue as to what you are reading. Discussion Summary of what the researchers found Evaluates what the findings mean (e.g., implications of the study) and relates these results back to the research described in the Introduction

6 ASK A LIBRARIAN!! Questions?

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