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Working with Indiana Businesses Business Outreach Training 1 Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

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1 Working with Indiana Businesses Business Outreach Training 1 Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

2 The Three Components of Indiana Business Outreach 1.Business Community Marketing 2.Business Partnerships – Internal Development 3.Provider Collaboration & Training Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

3 The Business Outreach Vision As a part of its overall mission, VR will provide Indiana businesses with a variety of disability- focused services. In addition to employer development, business con­sulting, and corporate relations, VR staff involved in business outreach will also actively develop partnerships with corporations and small/mid-sized businesses to help them create internal strategies to directly tap into the Indiana disability community as a powerful labor (and customer) source.. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

4 The Foundation 1.Business Focus: VR will take a “business-first” approach, developing support plans that meet companies’ needs and helping Indiana businesses develop internal strategies and units to work effectively with and in the disability community. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

5 The Foundation, cont. 2. Business Trust: VR will build trust with the Indiana business community by being responsive and dedicated to providing quality services to the business customer. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

6 3. Primary Point of Contact: Business partners often prefer to work through a pri­mary point of contact when working with area providers. VR will use this methodology, wherever possible, to increase efficiency for each business partner. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services The Foundation, cont.

7 4. Feedback Loops: These loops will be incorporated into the business outreach approach to ensure quality in service delivery to businesses across the state. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

8 Employment Services & Innovations—Values  Time spent with business is time well spent  ESI aims to integrate the dual-customer approach  ESI focuses on long-term business relations, not one-time “job placements”  ESI looks to lead from behind, always seeking opportunities to build capacity in business partners  ESI seeks to position itself as a resource to businesses Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

9 Ten Principles of Employment Services & Innovations 1.Do not devalue the services that can be offered by ESI and Vocational Rehabilitation to businesses. 2.Respect each specific corporate culture. 3.Take time to learn about the operational aspects of the company. 4.Build trust – don’t expect to have a trusting relationship after the first meeting. 5.Do a lot of listening. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

10 Ten Principles, cont. 6.Bring good counseling skills to the table – reflecting, encouraging, observing. 7.Do not overpromise – lean toward under promising and over delivering. 8.Step up our game with business people – always follow up and follow through. 9.Be creative and use your diverse skill set as rehab counselors to customize ideas. 10.Provide specific examples of how disability outreach impacts other companies (i.e. Walgreens, Project SEARCH). Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

11 A Changing Philosophy 1.Dual Customer 2.Career vs. Job 3.Business vs. Employer 4.Business Development vs. Job Placement 5.Designated Business Account Manager 6.Qualified vs. Job Ready Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

12 Opportunities for Business  Direct access to the large and growing labor and customer pool of persons with disabilities  Ongoing support services that meet individualized business needs  Access to a set of valuable, customized business consulting services  Development of internal strategies that foster diversity and business growth  Support from disability experts Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

13 Opportunities for Consumers  Expanded information about company culture, recruiting, retention and promotion practices  Increased short-term and long-term employment opportunities  Heightened potential for development of successful career paths  Working in companies where increased internal support and advocacy exist Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

14 Opportunities for VR  Leveraged partnerships with business, based on existing credibility, trust, and deliverability  Opportunities to create stronger career paths and more opportunities for consumers with disabilities  Local & statewide networking to develop more long-term relationships within the Indiana business community Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

15 Opportunities for VR, continued  A sustainable program where VR delivers quality services to business with a measure of consistency across city & county lines  Sustained, long-term VR partnerships with business, creating “repeat business” opportunities Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

16 Challenges  Competition for employment opportunities  Confronting long-term attitudinal barriers about people with disabilities in the workplace  VR will be seen as a government entity, which is not always positive in the business community Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

17 Challenges, cont.  Operational challenges developing a Business Account Manager approach and insuring responsiveness to business customers  Philosophical shift to the dual-customer approach for management  Defining this new approach to customers and the community Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

18 Services Provided  Diversity Training  Human Resource Mentoring  Recruiting/Screening/Training Support  Disability Management  ADA Consultation and Training  Visual Management Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

19 Services Provided, cont.  Job Accommodation/Modification  Rehabilitation/Assistive Technology  State and Federal Financial Incentives  On-the-Job Training and Job Tryouts  Job Coaching  Marketing Collaboration Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

20 Key Objectives  Communication  Marketing  Business Development  Training  Evaluation Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

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