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Egypt Gods and Goddesses

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1 Egypt Gods and Goddesses
By Joe Bolt

2 NUT Nut The goddess of the sky, she was the sister/wife of geb the god of the earth. The people of Egypt believe at the end of the day she would eat the god of the sun, ra, and give birth to him in the morning. Pardon me!

3 Ra Everyone would Worship him. He has an Eagles head.
One of the most important God in the history of Egypt, God of the sun Everyone would Worship him. He has an Eagles head. Ra

4 A long time ago There were over 2,000 names for the Gods in Egypt.
They chose animals to represent the powers of the Gods. There are so many Gods, sometimes it is hard to tell who is who, many of the Gods are represented by animals : a baboon might stand for Thoth God of wisdom, a moon God called Khonsu is another.

5 Geb Shu The symbols of Geb and Shu look alike but they are two different people. Geb, the God of the earth, also the husband and brother of Nut. Shu, the God of the air. Shu held up the figure of Nut (the Goddess of the sky) so the earth and the sky were separated. Geb & Shu

6 Tawaret A lions arms and body with a hippopotamus head.
Appearance: A lions arms and body with a hippopotamus head. A crocodiles tail and a pregnant woman's stomach! Weird! Tawaret was a goddess who would protect women in childbirth. Many Gods and Goddesses have big temples built in honour of their royalty. Other Gods and Goddesses like Tawaret and Bes were worshiped and praised in their own homes. Tawaret

7 These are only some of the great Gods and Goddesses

8 The Gods I like There are soooo many Gods, I picked the one’s that I presented because they interest me and this is why…. Ra – He must have a hot head with that sun burning his feathers. Nut- What long arms she has got, when she walks she must trip over them!! I like her tattoos but it must hurt having that put on you. Geb- He was very powerful the Egyptians thought earthquakes were his laughter ha ha ha ha !!!! Shu- Shu held up the sky ( Nut) he must have been very strong or Nut must have been very light. Tawaret- what a weird body lots of animals crammed into one type of God.

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