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Internet Protocol Television. Table of Contents IPTV – Definition History IPTV services in the World IPTV - in numbers What Is IPTV TV distribution methods.

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1 Internet Protocol Television

2 Table of Contents IPTV – Definition History IPTV services in the World IPTV - in numbers What Is IPTV TV distribution methods Differences in technology IPTV - Technology IPTV Capacity Requiremets Comparison of TV Channels with different distribution methods IPTV – Services IPTV – Operators in Finland Case Study: Maxivision Maxivision – Features - nPVR Maxivision – Features - SSC Maxivision – Features - STB Maxivision Prices IPTV Advantages IPTV Disadvantages The Future of IPTV

3 IPTV – Definition Internet Protocol Television System through which TV service is delivered using Internet Method of transmitting the “last mile” of the TV broadcast  Similar to Cable and Terrestrial distribution  Operator – mere distributor

4 History 1994 a first broadcast over the Internet, ABC’s World News Now. IPTV over DSL broadband interactive TV service in September 1999 VoD (Video on Demand) 2001 2004 IPTV in Finland 2008 IPTV service independent from ISP’s

5 Keskustelutehtävä Mitä palveluita tulee lisää IPTV:ssä ja internet-televisiossa verrattuna perinteiseen televisioon?

6 What Is IPTV What digital television was supposed to be:  Real interactivity  Video on Demand  Pay-TV channels for everyone, not only those connected to Cable Not Internet TV  Internet TV do not use dedicated and controlled network for high quality data transfer  Television service distributed via Internet. 2 forms of viewing: Streaming Downloading to a computer  Internet TV is accessible by web browser

7 TV distribution methods Terrestrial – DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting, Terrestrial)  Over-the-air broadcasts  10 free channels, about 20 Pay-tv channel Cable (e.g. Welho) – DVB-C  Signals transmitted through fixed optical fibers or coaxial cables  15 free channels, about 100 Pay-tv channels  12 HD-channels Satellite (e.g.Canal Digital) – DVB-S  Signal transmitted over communications satellite to satellite dish  10 free channels, over 70 Pay-channels channels  12 HD-channels IPTV (e.g.Maxivision) – DVB-IPTV  Signal transmitted via a packet-switched Internet protocol network  10 free channels, over 70 Pay-tv channels  4 HD-channels (Coming soon)

8 Differences in technology Digital TV: One way communication No interaction One format at a time IPTV: Two way communication 100% interaction Consumer can select the format of the signal (e.g. Mpeg2 / Mpeg4) Allows significantly more content and functionality  Web browser  Weather forecast ( Maxivision )  Games  Chat

9 IPTV - Technology IPTV is distributed using Multicast  Each channel is transmitted once through the backbone -> then duplicated for each customer  Requires less backbone capacity, allows more channels.  Example: one SD-channel requires 2Mbps, if backbone 10Gbps -> 5000 channels Head-end  Media streams collected and decoded from Terrestrial and Satellite networks  Re-coded for IP distribution  nPVR Hard disks


11 IPTV Capacity Requirements ServiceCodingCapacity MbpsNote HDTVMPEG2201080i HDTVMPEG216720p SDTVMPEG25 VoDMPEG25 HDTVMPEG481080i HDTVMPEG46720p SDTVMPEG42 VoDMPEG42

12 Comparison of TV Channels with different distribution methods DVB-CDVB-TDVB-SIPTV Max capacity4 Gbps154 Mbps4,5 Gbps10 Gbps -> SDTV (MPEG2)800309002000 -> HDTV (MPEG2)25010280625 -> SDTV (MPEG4)20007722505000 -> HDTV (MPEG4)670257501670 -> VoDOkDifficult Good InteractivityOkDifficult Good

13 IPTV – Services Usually sold as a triple play – service  Internet connection  IPTV  VoIP IPTV normally uses closed network  IPTV-user must have Internet connection from the same operator

14 IPTV – Operators in Finland Elisa viihde  Closed network  24Mbits Internet connection  IPTV – service VoD MPEG2 SD and HD Channels DVB-T/C – Tuners About 50 channels Sonera laajakaista tv  Closed network User has to use Sonera’s Internet connection  MPEG2 For SD-Channel minimum 8Mbits HD-Channel minimum 20Mbits

15 Case Study: Maxivision IPTV – operator in Finland Started 2008 Open network  Can be used with any ISP connection MPEG4 / MPEG2  SD-Channel min. 2Mbits / 8Mbits  HD-Channel 8Mbits / MPEG2 not available Over 80 channels, 4 HD-channels

16 Maxivision – Features - nPVR Channels are viewable after 10 seconds of the order No pay-tv cards Minimum subscription period mostly 1 month Automatic software updates IPTV- and DVB-T-tuners nPVR (network Personal Video Recorder)  Unlimited recording space, ( sold in 100hour packages)  Simultaneous recording from unlimited amount of channel  Scheduling of recording using web browser, mobile phone or STB

17 Maxivision – Features - SSC Self-Service Center  Internet based customer portal  Subscriptions, recordings and settings are handled  PIN-code for x-rated content

18 Maxivision – Features - STB The IPTV digital receiver, Set-Top-Box STB is a computer with optimized operating system for IPTV-services. Decoders  MPEG2 (better quality, larger bandwidth 6,7 Mbits/s)  MPEG4 H.264 (lower bandwidth 1,8 Mbits/s )  User can select the stream according to connection speed EPG Other applications  Eg weather forecast service by Foreca

19 IPTV Advantages Provides decent quality TV-service for Terrestrial “dead zones” Large selection of channels for peripheral areas In the future, a real interactive TV Available for everyone

20 IPTV Disadvantages Minimum of 2Mbits/s Internet connection Wireless connections, 3G, too unreliable for TV-services MPEG4 – quality is barely acceptable for over 40 inch televisions

21 The Future of IPTV HD VoD HD Channels More applications on-demand gaming Data services Digital music Home security.

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