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Simulation for Learning: How successful is it? Dr Barbara Wood Mrs Joanne Garside.

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1 Simulation for Learning: How successful is it? Dr Barbara Wood Mrs Joanne Garside

2 Simulation is: ‘ A near representation of an actual life event; may be presented by using computer software, role play, case studies or games that represent reality and actively involve learners in applying the content of the lesson’. Billings and Halstead (2005)

3 A Different teaching strategy Often viewed as a different teaching strategy. Not just a stage between theory and practice. Offers an opportunity for theory to be delivered through practice. ‘What I read I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand’ Simulation is about promoting understanding through the doing.

4 Simulated Wards




8 Simulation involves turning this…..

9 Into this

10 And this

11 Into this

12 And this

13 Turning this.....

14 Into this

15 Embedded Simulation is integrated within the whole curriculum not just ‘bolted on’ Begins in week one – hand washing Focus in year 2 (Adult) –Acutely Ill patient in a secondary care setting ABCDE –Patient/client with a long term condition in a primary care setting Focus in year 3 (Adult) –Critically ill adult

16 Simulation strategies

17 Medium fidelity

18 High fidelity


20 A simulation session Acute and Critical Care Groups Positively Critique The scenario 34 year old gentleman admitted to Medical Assessment Unit History of flu like symptoms and vomiting for 3 days. His wife informs you that he was diagnosed as an Insulin dependant diabetic 12 months ago


22 Evaluation After module completed/before assessment submitted Questionnaire –Biographical details –Open ended questions Interviews Ethical approval Consent Data Analysis –Thematic technique

23 Evaluation Learning styles ‘I really enjoy these sessions and feel there should be more as it is easier to learn when the lesson is practical’ ‘It is great and it is a session I look forward to each week.’ Team working ‘…piece together problems and question why things are occurring as a team.’ Theory to practice ‘[I have learnt] how to put theory into practice practise procedures in a safe environment.’ ‘Nursing practice is totally new to me – simulation has helped me to link and increase understanding between theory and practice’

24 Evaluation Confidence building ‘They made me feel much more confident about putting these skills into real practice before we go into clinical placements’ Individual support ‘They give you the confidence to ask questions, even when you are unsure’. Fear factor ‘The other students watching you, it is off putting when people are watching you.’

25 Discussion Environment –Comparable –Safe –Real time Marketing Can be stressful –Prepares the student for the reality of the practice setting Enjoyable Good practice Time outs Confidence –Clinical development –Questioning Competence Issues: Nerve racking –Audience –Plastic High versus Medium fidelity Resource Intensive

26 Debates Alternative learning method Justify resources? Replace practice? Improve patient outcome?

27 And finally……. A personal invite to visit Yorkshire this June

28 June 09 and 10 2010 in Huddersfield Closing date for abstracts extended until 16 March 2010 Keynote speaker: Professor Maggi Savin-Baden

29 Thank you Questions?

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