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The Love of Travelling..travelling through time...

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1 The Love of Travelling..travelling through time..

2 Why do we like travelling? Meeting new people (per incontrare nuove persone) Relax yourself (per rilassarsi) Learning new languages (per imparare nuove lingue)

3 Weather (per il tempo) Different landscapes and traditions (per scoprire territori e tradizioni differenti) Seeing famous buildings, cultural places and monuments (per vedere edifici famosi, luoghi culturali e monumenti)

4 (Venga Boys, Ibiza)..I don't wanna be a busdriver All my life I'm gonna pack my bags and leave this town Grab a flight Fly away on Venga airways Fly me high Ibiza sky..

5 ..but travelling is also coming home again..

6 O quid solutis est beatius curis, cum mens onus responit, ac peregrino labore fessi venimus larem ad nostrum, desideratoque acquiescimus lecto? (Catullus, carmen XXXI) O what is more blessed than cares freed, when the mind puts down its burden, and we tired from foreign labor come to our hearth and rest in a longed for bed?

7 ..Let me go home, Im just too far, from where you are, I wanna come home.. (Home, Michael Bublé)

8 Is the theme of travelling still living today? The theme of travelling is still living today (il tema del viaggio è ancora presente oggi) The way of expressing has changed but the sentiments are still the same (il modo di esprimersi è cambiato ma i sentimenti sono rimasti gli stessi)

9 In the past people used poems to express feelings but nowadays we have songs (nel passato le persone esprimevano i loro sentimenti attraverso le poesie ma oggigiorno attraverso le canzoni)

10 By… Luca Pegoraro Nicolò Fossà Jacopo Gallinaro Marceline Van Eeden Emma Stolker Frederique Vogely

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