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1 MMPI-2 William P. Wattles, Ph.D. Francis Marion University.

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1 1 MMPI-2 William P. Wattles, Ph.D. Francis Marion University

2 2 MMPI-2 with Adolescents Should not be used with people less than 18

3 3 MMPI-2 with Older Adults Higher scores on: –1, 2, 3, 0 Lower scores on: –4, 9 MMPI-2 generally valid with older adults

4 4 Studies with older adults Most studies cross-sectional –Cohort factors –One longitudinal study found similar results Differences do not suggest pathology but genuine concerns about health. –Age-related changes in physical health

5 5 Cohort Effects Patterns of disease frequency due to an exposure occurring to a group of people at about the same time in their lives

6 6 MMPI-2 with Ethnic Minorities Assessing MMPI-2 and minorities –Any difference = bias –Assess Validity

7 7 Data on African-Americans Slightly higher scores on scales 8 & 9. Not seen when matched for demographics, ses Differences tend to be associated with relevant extratest characteristics.

8 Explanation for differences Accurate measurement of different personality traits. Social desirability Role conflicts Modesty expectations Language/experience 8

9 MMPI-2 with Ethnic Minorities No consistent differences across all populations Moderator variables such as education, income, age, and type of pathology explain most differences. 9

10 10 MMPI-2 with Hispanics Differences between groups relatively small and not statistically or clinically significant. Language and reading obviously an issue.

11 11 Medical Patients Large Mayo clinic study suggests that medical problems alone do not result in elevated profiles.

12 12 Screening for Substance Abuse Elevated Scale 4 Mac Andrews Scale AAS APS Beware false negatives

13 13 MMPI-2 and employment screening Screen for psychopathology –Limited to sensitive occupations Air traffic controller Police officer Nuclear power plant operator Predict quality of job performance –Negative work attitude scale interesting –MMPI-2 Not recommended

14 14 MMPI-2 and employment screening Applicants usually defensive. Invalid profile for defensiveness should not be cause to disqualify. Thus, scores above 65 meaningful 60-65 may indicate problems.

15 15 Report writing Interpretive strategy Use MMPI-2 to generate hypotheses Not all interpretive data applies to each subject MMPI-2 deal in probabilities Blind interpretation problematic

16 16 Report writing Test-taking attitude –Missing items may indicate indecisiveness, ambivalence –Long test times can mean indecisiveness, confusion –Qualitative analysis of behavior Upset Atypical difficulties

17 17 Report writing Test-taking attitude –Yea-saying (TRIN) –L scale naïve, global denial –K scale defensive, self-critical

18 18 Report Writing Adjustment Level –Psychological comfort, overall elevation –Scores above 65 suggest discomfort. –Welsh’s Anxiety (A) –Ego Strength (ES)

19 19 Characteristic Functioning 1.Symptoms 2.Major needs 1.Dependency, achievement 3.Perceptions 1.View of others and optimism 4.Reactions to stress 1.Coping style and effectiveness 5.Self-concept

20 20 Characteristic Functioning 6.Sexual orientation 7.Emotional control 8.Interpersonal relationships 9.Psychological resources

21 21 Dynamics and Etiology Higher order inferences about underlying dynamics and cause

22 22 Diagnostic Impressions MMPI-2 can be a tool in settling on a diagnosis if required for insurance etc. Diagnosis can be in the form of a symptom description.

23 23 Treatment Implications. A primary goal of assessment is to make treatment recommendations. –To treat or not –Type of treatment –Prognosis –Receptiveness to treatment –Motivation

24 24

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