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Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Ltd.

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1 Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Ltd.
Company Presentation Dr. Akram Sheikh Minister of State Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission Government of Pakistan (August 30, 2007) Presented by Strategic Business Development

2 Vision 2030 – A historical step forward
Planning Commission GoP’s Vision Siemens Pakistan’s Vision Developed, industrialized, just and prosperous Pakistan through rapid and sustainable development in a resource constraint economy by deploying knowledge inputs To remain market leader and technology pace setter in the engineering and electronics industry by utilizing the high-tech engineering expertise of the Siemens Group worldwide. To maintain our strong and prominent local presence Siemens Pakistan’s Mission statement Providing quality to our customers at competitive prices, to their complete satisfaction. Generating earnings sufficient to ensure a secure future for the company and to protect and increase our shareholders/stakeholders' investment. To enhance creativity and job satisfaction of our employees by providing opportunities for personal development, limited only by their own ability and drive. To contribute to the national economy, whilst realizing a strong sense of responsibility to society and the environment. To enhance the investment of our customers through Human Excellence, our Technology, our Processes, our High Standards of Quality and Financial Strength. To support and strive for technology transfer to Pakistan through our global resources and local presence Source: 1) Vision 2030-Planning Commission, GoP 2) Siemens Pakistan

3 Vision 2030 – Important Pillars
Energy for Growth Manufacturing & Industry Water Resources Rural and Urban Development Alternative Energy Healthcare Employment Source: Vision 2030-Planning Commission, GoP

4 Manufacturing & Industry
Vision Focus Vision 2030 A target of 162,000 MW of power generation. Energy mix diversification, expanding coal, nuclear & renewable energy 20-36% At least 5% of electric supply will be covered by renewable energy sources (specially wind). Building up of local power engineering industry for power plant equipment, steam turbines and generators. Make buildings more energy efficient, specially for reduction of air conditioning loads in summer. Energy for Growth Manufacturing & Industry Water Resources Rural and Urban Development Alternative Energy Health care Employment Source: Vision 2030-Planning Commission, GoP

5 Siemens Power Solutions
Gas Turbines Industrial application 4MW to 45 MW - Large Scale Application 68 MW to 340 MW Steam Turbines Industrial application upto 180 MW - Large scale application upto 1200 MW Hydro Power Generation Advance technologies and integrated services Wind Turbines Capacity up to 3.6 MW Napier Turbo Chargers For marine power generation and rail traction up to 11 MW Compressors Ranging from 150 to 824,000 CFM

6 Siemens Power Solutions
Equipment and Substations for Power Transmission and Distributions (PTD) Systems (66KV to 500KV) Market Leaders in High Voltage Circuit Breakers KESC 132 / 220KV GIS Substation Karachi Airport 132KV Conventional Substation

7 Siemens Power Solutions
> 400 units Exporting to: Power Transformers (upto 160MVA) Distribution Transformers (upto 5000 KVA) > 250,000 units Special Application Transformers Earthing, Auto & Convertor Transformer Voltage Regulators (2.5KV to 35KV) Dry Type Transformers (~2000KVA)

8 Siemens Power Solutions
Exporting to: Low Voltage Switchgear Medium Voltage Switchgear Medium Voltage Utility Switchgear KIOSK Substations (up to 2.5 MVA) Ring Main Units & Capacitor Banks

9 Siemens Power Solutions
20 KVA to 1100 KVA DG Sets Exporting to: Auto Mains Failure Panel Manual Change Over Panel Synchronizing Panels (Auto & Manual) Acoustic and Weather Proof Canopies Free Standing & Underground Fuel Tanks Siemens D.G.Sets won Consumer Choice Award in 2006 and again in 2007 Mobile Units After Sales Services

10 Siemens Power Solutions
Protection & Control Systems 1996 Protection Relays, Relay panels, Control panels Power Quality Systems COMPLETE Energy Automation Solutions Energy Meters, Power Quality Recorders, Fault Recorders Substation Automation Systems Complete solutions for industry & utilities with Smart Remote Terminal Units Substation Communication Systems Complete Solutions with Power Line Carriers, Fiber optic, Microwave & High Speed Digital Link (HSDL) Protection Relay RTU MUX SCADA & LDC Turnkey Solutions Comprehensive SCADA solutions with Energy Management Systems & Distribution Management Systems

11 Siemens Power Solutions
Asset Services of PTD Products & Projects Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Up grading, Retrofitting, Spare Parts Management, Transformer Life Management Network Analysis & Consultancy Technical due diligence and technical audits. Network studies including load flows, short circuits, insulation coordination & harmonic analysis. Metering Services Automatic Remote Metering, Pre-payment metering Specialized Tools Software tool for Stability Studies, Protection coordination tool, Tools for Distribution & Transmission networks. Customer Support, Training Support in all power transmission and distribution problems, hotline, customized training programs.

12 Success Stories – Hydro Power
Ghazi Barotha Hydro Power Station Tarbela Hydro Electric Power Station

13 Success Story - Dubai Electric & Water Authority (DEWA)
DEWA Grid Station Projects - First Order 5 High Voltage 132 kV Grid Stations DEWA Grid Station Projects - Repeat Orders 13 High Voltage 132 kV Grid Stations Burj Dubai Tower Expected World Tallest Building Dubai Sports City Dubai Festival City Dubai Investment Park Emirates Mall Largest Shopping Mall of UAE

14 Siemens Building Management Solutions
Building Management System (BMS) Room Management & Energy Services Fire Safety Products Fire protection and detection HVAC Products Valves, Actuators, Sensors, Thermostats, Controllers etc Security Products Access control, Intrusion detection, CCTV, Smart Card Technology OSRAM Lighting Products Wide range of lighting products and lighting system components Zaver Pearl Continental Hotel, Gwadar Data Darbar, Lahore

15 Siemens BMS for HVAC Integration
Fact! In a building, the highest operating cost is incurred by HVAC systems! This can be reduced by: Energy Management via HVAC Integration that Automatically resets the temperature, sensing the current demand of the building Gives continuous performance trend monitoring through APOGEE ® Automation System. Identifies areas where energy cost can be curtailed.

16 Manufacturing & Industry
Vision Focus Vision 2030 Energy for Growth Share of Industrial sector to rise from the current 18 percent to nearly 30 percent of economy. Diversification from textiles to machinery, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals & chemicals. Emergence of “Brand Pakistan”, with several large conglomerates becoming global players. Shifting towards high technology and relocation of manufacturing and design. Manufacturing & Industry Water Resources Rural and Urban Development Alternate Energy Health care Employment Source: Vision 2030-Planning Commission, GoP

17 Siemens Local Manufacturing Capabilities
Transformers Motors Switchboards DG Sets Switch Gear Eqpt. Control Panels Railway Signaling Eqpt. Traffic Control System

18 Siemens Local Capacity Enhancement
Special Application Transformers Factory Rating ~ 220kV/160MVA

19 Siemens Local Capacity Enhancement
Carrier Telephone Industries (CTI) Islamabad is now a Siemens Pakistan’s Subsidiary Digital Microwave Radio System Optic Fiber Transmission Equipment Desktop Computers & Servers

20 Siemens Process Industries Solutions
Process Control and Automation Maple Leaf Cement Process Instrumentation Management Information Systems (MIS) Telemetry and SCADA Attock Cement Process Control System Gulf Cement Co. Specialized Services Pakistan Cement Instrumentation & Control Systems Project Boiler Control System

21 Siemens Automation & Drives Solutions
Low Voltage Three Phase Induction Motors Medium Voltage Three Phase Induction Motors Exporting to: Hollow Shaft Motors Single Phase Motors Fan Motors Special Design Motors Siemens Motors won Consumer Choice Award in 2007 Gear Motors Brake Motors Explosion Proof Motors Textile Machine Motors

22 Siemens Automation & Drives Solutions
Industrial Automation System Exporting to: Control & Distribution Products Process Instrumentation Products Discharge Reactors Power Factor Relays UPS (0.7 to 400KVA ratings) Pumps for Special Applications Large Drives and Standard Drives

23 Siemens On Call, Logistics & Maintenance Solutions
Operation & Maintenance Service (Industrial, Power Plants & Utilities) Repair, Overhauling & Maintenance of Motors & Alternators Condition Monitoring (Thermography, Vibration analysis, NDI & Oil analysis) Spare Parts Management Operations & Maintenance contract of Kohat Tunnel Dual Feeder System Maple Leaf Cement PLC based Alarm Annunciation and Control System for two compressors in National Refinery Ltd. For all your engineering solutions, Contact our Call Centre at Karachi:

24 Siemens Business Driven by Engineering Capabilities
Local Engineering Capabilities are the cornerstone of our success

25 Manufacturing & Industry
Vision Focus Vision 2030 Energy for Growth Manufacturing & Industry Minimize wastage of Natural Resources. Integrated water resource management, ensuring the most optimal use of water. Water Resources Rural and Urban Development Alternate Energy Health care Employment Source: Vision 2030-Planning Commission, GoP

26 Siemens Water & Waste Water Solutions
Municipal - potable water - wastewater reuse, recycle Industrial raw water process water high purity water wastewater Institutional ultra-pure water laboratories medical Standard products for industrial use Equipment Standard products and integrated systems for water management System Maintenance, operation, build-own-operate, repairs, troubleshooting, mobile water treatment Services Mobile treatment units Mobile Service Seawater and Brackish Water Desalination Industrial Wastewater Treatment Municipal Water Treatment Municipal Wastewater Treatment including sludge Treatment

27 Success Story – DCL Cogeneration Project in Karachi
94 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant 3 Million Gallons per day Desalination Capacity

28 Success Story - K III Greater Water Supply Project
Civil Work Electrical Work Mechanical Work Project Dhabeji & NEK Pump Houses Customer Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Contract Type EPC – Turnkey Contract Pumping Capacity 140 MGD (Total Design Capacity) Early Completion of the project by TWO months

29 Success Story - New Murree Bulk Water Supply Project
A view of New Murree Bulk Water Supply Project Turnkey Project (Under Execution) Treatment Plant Site

30 Manufacturing & Industry
Vision Focus Vision 2030 Population Challenge: Pakistan would face the challenge of managing approximately 80 million more city dwellers by 2030 which is equal to the current population of province of Punjab. To give high quality of life and new and equal opportunities to all Transportation: Increase the share of Railways in National Freight from present 4 percent to 22 percent Dual Tracks for major inter city traffic, Improvement of Signaling system. Energy for Growth Manufacturing & Industry Water Resources Rural and Urban Development Alternate Energy Healthcare Employment Source: Vision 2030-Planning Commission, GoP

31 Karachi identified amongst Mega Cities of the world
Mega City of Pakistan Karachi identified amongst Mega Cities of the world

32 Mega Trends & Siemens Strengths

33 Mega Trends & Siemens Strengths

34 Mega Trends & Siemens Strengths

35 Siemens Transportation Solutions
Rail Automation Traction Power Supply System Mass Transit Systems Electrical & Diesel Electric Locomotives Passenger Coaches Electrical Multiple Units

36 Siemens Information Technology Solutions
First SAP Value Added Reseller ERP / ERM Solutions (SAP) Software Development Solutions Authorized training centre of SAP Certified Training Academy Maximum number of SAP Academy Programs in a year (05/06). Produced a record 150 SAP Consultants in a year (05/06). First SAP Partner in Pakistan to establish full fledged support services setup to provide round-the-clock support to its 40 plus SAP Solution Clients.

37 One Mega City – One Siemens
Waste Water & Sewerage Plant Water Plant Power Plant Airports Traffic Signals Railways Transmission & Distribution Hotels/Hospitality Sport Venues Hospital Residential Complex Broadcasting Center

38 Manufacturing & Industry
Vision Focus Vision 2030 Energy for Growth Manufacturing & Industry At least 5% of electric supply will be covered by renewable energy sources (specially wind). Under the remote village electrification program, the first 400 villages will be electrified through wind and solar sources by 2010. Water Resources Rural and Urban Development Alternate Energy Alternate Energy Healthcare Employment Source: Vision 2030-Planning Commission, GoP

39 Siemens Solar Energy Solutions
Solar Energy powering Roadside Emergency Communication System on M-1 & M-3 Motorway. Electrification of a house in Sukkur via Solar Energy. Solar Powered Cathodic Protection System in Chakwal

40 Alternative Energy- Wind
Siemens Pakistan and New Park Energy Ltd. (NPEL) have signed a Contract for the supply of electrical part on turnkey basis for NPEL 50MW Wind Power Project near Gharo. Siemens Pakistan shall provide the entire electrical system for the Wind Power Projects and its related civil works on turnkey basis. Most of the electrical equipment required by the Wind Power Projects is already being manufactured by Siemens Pakistan locally.

41 Manufacturing & Industry
Vision Focus Vision 2030 Energy for Growth Manufacturing & Industry Vision 2030 espouses a healthy and productive population that actively contributes to the overall socio-economic development of the country. Health services delivery to be linked via knowledge and innovation to civil society and the community. Water Resources Rural and Urban Development Alternate Energy Healthcare Employment Source: Vision 2030-Planning Commission, GoP

42 Siemens Medical Solutions
Diagnostic Imaging Modalities & Solutions Radiation Therapy Systems Image Management Systems Managed Healthcare Services Clinical & Administrative Solutions Operation Theatre Solutions Siemens Medical Solutions Telemedicine & Teleradiology Cardiac Workflow Siemens Medical Solutions

43 Some of our Landmark Projects in Healthcare Sector
Children Hospital, Quetta Turnkey Project Tabba Heart Institute, Karachi Complete Cardiac Workflow Children Hospital, Lahore Imaging Solutions for Radiology National Institute of Child Health, Karachi MRI System Haniifa Sulaiman Oncology Building(SIUT), Karachi Complete Oncology Solutions HEALTHCARE HOSPITAL Diagnostic Imaging Solutions Healthcare Hospital, Karachi Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad Cardiac Workflow - Dual Source CT Scanner for CT based Angiography Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, Rawalpindi Cardiac Workflow - Dual Source CT Scanner for CT based Angiography National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Karachi Cardiac Workflow - Dual Source CT Scanner for CT based Angiography

44 Manufacturing & Industry
Vision Focus Vision 2030 Energy for Growth Employment generation and matching of skills in a changing workplace will be central to poverty reduction, economic growth, and social stability. Enhance the scale and quality of education in general and of scientific/technical education in particular. Make employment and employability the central theme in economic and social policies. Manufacturing & Industry Water Resources Rural and Urban Development Climate Change Health care Employment Source: Vision 2030-Planning Commission, GoP

45 Human Capital in Siemens Pakistan
More than 4,000* employees Including over 750 professional engineers Siemens Leadership Framework Business Excellence through Leadership Excellence * Average Figure

46 Siemens Apprentice Training Program
Siemens Pakistan has well established state-of-the-art Apprentice Training Centre, where young men are exposed to latest technology and trained for the industry. The three year course imparts training on Electrical & Mechanical trades and pays stipend to the trainees.


48 Siemens Strength Global Resources Local Presence
Our comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services allows us to offer virtually any type of solution that customer requires, using a single source.

49 Siemens in Pakistan Head Office & Industrial Complex Regional Offices
Sales Offices Subsidiary Company

50 Siemens History, Progress & Success
Dubai Sports City Project Siemens Pakistan pioneered to manufacture 220 kV/160 MVA Auto Transformer in Pakistan Secured contract for Operation & Management of KESC Launched new line of Low Voltage Switchgear System of family SIVACON 8PT 2005 -Acquired CTI Signed agreement for first desalination plant in Karachi Launched Home Appliances Launched 1.1 MVA DG Sets highest rating in the country Export order for 132 kV fully automated substation for DEWA Dubai 412 MW Rousch Combined Cycle Power Plant Become first Value Added Reseller of SAP Extension in Power Transformer rating~60MVA Pakistan 1st Digital Mobile Telephony Network Power Transformers production started~30MVA Railway signaling equipment assembly started Diesel Generating Sets introduced Factory for Motors & Transformers Siemens became Public Limited Company. Switchboards production commenced Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. founded as Private Limited Company. Cable laying project in Karachi 1922 – Siemens first office in Lahore st telegraph line from London to Calcutta

51 Some of our Landmark Projects in Pakistan
Defense Housing Authority, Lahore Phase-V Underground Electrification MCB Tower, tallest building of Pakistan Complete Electrification / Illumination of the project ICI Shaikhupura Electrical & Instrumentation Works OGDC, Qadirpur Capacity Enhancement Project Civil, ME & I Procurement & Construction Bagh-e-Quaid, Karachi Electrification / Illumination of Tomb and Park Punjab Industrial Estate Underground Electrification of Sundar Industrial Estate

52 Some of our Landmark Projects in Pakistan
TELENOR Mobile Network Project Management & Turnkey Solution Japan Power Generation Ltd IPP Project, Lahore Project Management, Turnkey Construction (EM & Civil) Bosicor 30,000 BPD Refinery Project Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation works Urban Traffic Control Project (Phase-I) Government of Sindh LAN / WAN Project CBR (34 Locations), NADRA, Habib Bank, Karachi University Pehur High Level Canal Project, Tarbela Turnkey Mechanical, E&I Solution, SCADA & Telemetry Quaid-e-Azam International Airport, Karachi Airfield Lighting (AFL) System Project for Improvement of Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA) Turnkey ERP Solution, 127 Locations, 1144 Users, about 3 million employee records, LAN & WAN Solution

53 SIEMENS as corporate citizen!

54 Few of our Awards & Honors
KSE Top 25 Companies Award: No.1 Company Award (2004) No.2 Company Award (2005) FPCCI Export Trophy (Every year since 1999) KCCI Export Awards ( , , ) Best Corporate Report Awards Corporate Excellence Award by MAP Strategic Management Award by A.I.O.U. Large Tax Payer’s Unit Award by CBR Occupational Health & Safety Award Environment Excellence Award Award for Gender Sensitive Management Woman Manager of the Year Award Consumer Choice Award for D.G.Sets & Motors

55 Siemens as Responsible Corporate Citizen (CSR) Caring for Environment

56 Siemens Awarding Gold Medals & Scholarships
We provide scholarships for education in the fields of Medicine, Engineering and Business studies. Siemens Gold Medal for students achieving top positions in the field of Engineering is setting the standards for excellence and helping to motivate Engineering students to put in their best efforts to receive this coveted prize.


58 Thank you The information provided in this presentation contains general descriptions or characteristics of performance which in case of actual use may not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide the respective products/services and their characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract. Availability and technical specifications are subject to change without notice. The trademarks and pictures used are owned by Siemens AG or their respective owners.

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