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1 Scale

2 One way to describe the size of something is to compare it with the size of something else.
Example: That lemon is the size of a softball. The battle ship is the length of two football fields.

3 Canada Fact: Atlantic Canada is more than twice the size of the country of New Zealand.

4 Atlantic Region New Zealand

5 Because maps cover large regions, we use a scale to determine the distance between two places.

6 The measured distance between two points is called physical distance.

7 Calculating Distance Using Scale
You’ll need a text book - page 19 – and a piece of paper


9 Construct a paper ruler:
Place a strip of paper along the scale line. Make a pencil mark at the 0, 100 km and 200 km points. Place the 200 km mark you have just made at 0 on the line scale and mark off another 200 km in 100 km intervals. Continue making marks until your ruler is long enough. Be sure to label your marks!

10 Using your paper ruler, answer the following questions.

11 Find the distance between St. John’s and Port aux Basques.
500 kms

12 Find the distance between Fredericton and Halifax.
300 kms

13 Find the distance between Gander and Charlottetown.
700 kms

14 Find the distance between St. John’s and Fredericton.
1100 kms

15 Find the distance Charlottetown and Port aux Basques.
350 kms

16 Assignment Map: The Maritimes

17 Map: The Maritimes Label the map Color the map neatly
Complete the challenge questions on the back using the map’s scale.

18 Time Zones

19 Years ago, communities across the world set their clocks according to the sun.

20 When the sun was at its highest point,
it was noon.

21 In the 1800s... Communication started to improve with
the invention of the telephone the construction of highways New intercontinental railroads

22 The world is shrinking!

23 Time distance: The time it takes to get between two points

24 How would you know what time it was in other parts of the world if every community measured their own time?

25 Sir Sanford Fleming Canadian surveyor, cartographer, engineer, inventor, and scientist. Designed Canada’s first postage stamp Suggested the globe be divided into 24 zones after missing a train in Ireland.



28 Important Time Zone Facts

29 Lines of longitude are used to mark time zones.

30 Each time zone is 15° wide, the distance the sun travels in one hour.

31 The Prime Meridian, which passes through Greenwich, England, is the 0° longitude location or starting point where time zones are measured east and west of that line. The Prime Meridian – the starting line for time zones

32 Time zones to the East of the Prime Meridian are one hour ahead, and time zones to the West of the Prime Meridian are one hour behind.

33 Behind Ahead

34 At 180° longitude, you will find the International Date Line
At 180° longitude, you will find the International Date Line. The time is the same on both sides of this line, but the day is different. December 25th December 24th

35 As we travel east over this line, we "lose a day."
As we travel west over the IDL, it is one day later.

36 A time zone map tells you the time in different parts of the word
A time zone map tells you the time in different parts of the word. Canada has a total of six time zones: Newfoundland Standard Time (NST) 3 1/2 hours from Greenwich Atlantic Standard Time (AST) 4 hours from Greenwich Eastern Standard Time (EST) 5 hours from Greenwich Central Standard Time (CST) 6 hours from Greenwich Mountain Standard Time (MST) 7 hours from Greenwich Pacific Standard Time (PST) 8 hours from Greenwich



39 Time Zone Practice

40 If it is 4am in Calgary, what time is it in Fredericton?

41 If it is 1:30 am in Halifax, what time is it Victoria?
9:30 pm

42 If it is 12pm in Winnipeg, what time is it in St. John’s?

43 If it is 5pm in Iqaluit, what time is it in Yellowknife?

44 What time is it in Vancouver when it is 12 noon in Ottawa?
9 am

45 Canadian Time Zones Using your notes and the time zone map given to you, complete the questions for marks.

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